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RChain Asia: China

The RChain Cooperative values individual empowerment and community-driven development. They are vital to the project’s goals to enhance coordination on a global scale. RChain Asia is a prime example of these principles catching on across the Pacific.

Early adopters

A few developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in China joined RChain in early 2018 and created a QQ (instant messaging platform) channel dedicated to RChain discussion. This began as a small gathering and has grown ever since its inception. Soon was launched by a dedicated member, in order to share news about RChain in Chinese.
There is now a weekly community hangout led by the community in Asia which is offset by 10 hours from the time of RChain weekly debriefs. This is a forum for updates and verbal communication about RChain Asia.

RChain bounty program

An important aspect of the RChain project is community-driven, rewards based contributions to bug reporting, code refactoring, evangelism, and other tasks deemed valuable for the community, by the community.
The bounty program has been a major catalyst in the expansion of RChain in China, which illustrates how potent the concept is for driving projects. Many of the members located in China have made code improvements and carried out community-building tasks for RHOC token bounties, and the word is spreading.

Online education and communication

The RChain QQ group has grown to 1800 people since August 2017. There are two official Wechat accounts in China with over 1500 subscribers combined. Chinese community members have also worked together to publish articles in Zhihu, CSDN, Wechat, Weibo, and other communication platforms.
A seasoned software architect and member of RChain Asia with the tag “@wangjia123” has published several technical articles in Chinese online. Article topics range from RChain’s version of the Casper consensus algorithm and RChain platform block structure to the role of rho calculus in Rholang semantics. These robust technical posts show a clear initiative towards empowering Chinese developers through educational material, who in turn contribute to the growth and maintenance of the RChain ecosystem.

RChain validators

Every Tuesday RChain hosts a node testing session. Recently, many Chinese members have joined to learn more about becoming RChain validators. There are about 88 people in the group at present. Member-created tutorial videos are being produced to provide instructions for prospective RChain validators. An example is this RNode 0.2 tutorial.

Decentralized cooperation

The initiatives in the Chinese community and their collaboration with people from other East Asian countries, the United States, and Europe are an important part of RChain’s vision to reboot coordination technologies. People from different backgrounds, living in separate environments, are self-organizing and autonomously interacting and collaborating with each other to achieve goals that benefit one another and the greater good.
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RChain Asia Weekly Debriefs are on Tuesdays at 04:00 UTC
Debriefs and other videos about RChain can be found on bilibili and Tencent video
A variety of articles about RChain can be found on
Technical articles in Chinese can be found on
Try out Rholang at
Chinese QQ Group ID : 中国朋友欢迎加入RChain粉丝群,QQ群号: 530718666
Weibo RChain爱好者
WeChat Group: To join “RChain China Community” on WeChat Group, please search “iRChain” in your WeChat account, and add “RChain小助手”( RChain little assistant) as friend to get an invitation.
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