RChain Debrief 90: RCON3 program released

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There’s been a continued increase in attendance at the Tuesday RNode testing session, with thoughts on getting the sessions recorded and published. The technical team is moving forward finalizing RNode 0.6 for release, focusing on stability, robustness and performance of the system. The Reflective team is getting in place preparations for DevCon in Berlin. The program for RCON3 has been updated and the team is happy to announce that it has secured the Adrian Belew Trio for a concert at the conference.
Are you a dApp developer,  Investor, RHOC holder, researcher, blockchain enthusiast, scholar or tech innovator? If you are any of these and you are interested in learning more about RChain, come join us for the launch of our testnet at RCon3. Please register now to secure your ticket and be there live. Get a huge discount if you pay with ETH.
Technical update
RCon3 update
Reflective Ventures update
H3Uni process update
Asian community update
Bounty system update



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Content in brief

Technical update

  • The team is on its final push to the release of RNode 0.6. They are focusing on stability, performance, and robustness of the system.
  • Bug resolution is the highest priority.
  • Medha is focused on doing triage bugs and setting priorities. If you come across a bug and want to file it, please check that no one else has reported the issue on the Dashboard. If you filed a bug, please provide your RNode version number, Git Hash, server logs, local blockchain and as much detail as possible about steps to reproduce
  • Sharding and economics are not ready, but will be part of RNode 0.7
  • Great progress during RNode testing this week.  We had peers connected, and 60 attendees on the call.  

Rholang team:

  • Output of ETH script to scrape RHOC balances provided for internal review. They will be demonstrating the RHOC-REV swap as part of testnet launch.
  • Registry is in implementation. They will support UUIDs and public keys only.
  • Block approval protocol for genesis block is near completion.
  • API to fetch data complete
  • Fixed RHOL-591 – untraced comm event; confirmed the issue is fixed.
  • Cross-shard contracts in review. These contracts are still unfinished.
  • Unbonding contract in review.
  • Implementing error handling in Casper.

RNode team:

  • Keith and Alex joined the RNode team this sprint.
  • Discovered gRPC 4 MB limit during Rnode testing. Have a plan to compress block data before sending. Pavel and Sebastian working on a fix.
  • Performance harness complete. Created a thin gRPC client in Scala for Gatling which will be faster and thinner than the RNode client.
  • New communications layer is working. Tested during the RNode testing session.
  • Issues discovered around system shutdown. These are being investigated. If you a had similar issue, indicate it in the dashboard.
  • Building gRPC Client API for client data retrieval.
  • Building bootstrap RNode monitoring and paging system.
  • Improving memory monitoring metrics.


  • Discovered an issue with non-deterministic behavior inherent in the parallelism. Tim is working on a fix.

RCon3 update

  • The program for RCon3 is updated; looking out for potential speakers.
  • Scholarship committee work accomplished; eligible people fully sponsored.
  • Some people were not able to secure visa in time after receiving sponsorship. Working with the board to see if the scholarship can be deferred to RCon4 for timely visa processing.
  • Happy to announce that the Adrian Belew Trio will be will be performing at the conference. Only people with a ticket will be invited to attend. Register now
  • There are more marketing efforts to increase registrations.

Reflective Ventures update

  • Systems for validators onboarding (CRM, KYC systems) are up and running. Register your interest now.
  • About 20-25 people from Reflective Ventures and their portfolio companies will be at RCon3. Looking to increase the number.
  • The whole Reflective team will be in Berlin throughout the DevCon week; anyone wanting to see them should send them an email.

Pithia update

  • 15 out of a hundred companies are going through formal due diligence process. Most of them are later stage tech companies. 28% of the companies are international, 40% are from the US outside Washington and 12% from Washington state.
  • Built a good relationship with Ernst and Young from the Vancouver pitch program; 4 companies came from them.
  • The PricewaterhouseCoopers network has a group in Zug Switzerland and they will be sending Pithia deal flow. They established a full blockchain and crypto unit there, so the team is working closely with them.
  • Anyone interested in pitching at Pithia’s San Francisco event scheduled on November 15th should send their pitches to The deadline is 30th August.

H3Uni process update

  • The H3Uni process has helped surface that a lot of people have come in while RChain has been in execution mode and weren’t connected to the original communications reflecting the RChain vision. Need to refresh the vision.
  • Greg M elaborates on the RChain vision of rebooting coordination technologies. According to him, it’s a multi-layered vision and each layer has its own share of complexity. The vision will be refreshed in 3 broad levels: the coordination technology at the top level, the network infrastructure/tools & architecture, and a rich and robust ecosystem. More about the vision to be discussed at RCon3.
  • Greg M reiterates the four pillars of the RChain architecture to support high transactions volume: throughput, transaction fees, dApps, and robustness of the ecosystem.
  • Onboarded Ned Robinson to head up the solutions group. He will be working with the co-op to ensure that companies building on the RChain platform succeed.

Asian community update

  • Community members are encouraged to look into github issue 888 for Oracle services.
  • A weekly climate change and economic sustainability discussion group was started in the Asian community. Growing interest from top five software developers for planetary sustainability.
  • There’s a great interest around translations for the Asian community.
  • Greater discussion from the Asian community about purposeful engagement with the co-op and about the onboarding process. Jonathan will be working on articles on principles for participation.
  • Enzo is working on a website for RChain 101 (RChain getting started guide).
  • Finalising a contract for a RChain Asia lead Jocellin Lee.
  • RChain Asia community weekly hangouts are on Tuesdays at 4:00 UTC.
  • RChain Asia videos are also available on  bilibili.

Bounty system update

  • There has been productive engagement in the cooperation laboratory server on Discord.
  • Tim Bansemer will be hosting an event Dgov18 from the 7th-9th December.

Tuesday testing session

  • Kelly gives a recap of the RNode testing session to clear up misunderstandings regarding the session.
  • Two problems were faced following the request to publish the session: First, Zoom doesn’t display chat window when sharing screen and second, malicious acts could result from publicizing sensitive information e.g., ip addresses.
  • Publishing the RNode testing, according to Greg M, was going to allow the community at large have a felt experience of the software deployments.


  • If you have sent a validation request/inquiries but haven’t received a reply, please resend it to (N.B. please don’t send an email to Greg)
  • Portfolio companies should please come with their Rholang contract or issues encountered running Rholang to the Tuesday RNode testing session.
  • Deadline for sending pitch requests for Pithia’s San Francisco event is 30th of August. Interested persons should please send their pitch requests to
  • The all-members meeting will be on October 24th.
  • Check here for notes from the RAM and RAAM (Asia debriefs) meetings.
  • The developer website remains the only officially channel for RHOC-REV information. Sign up to get updates.
  • Interested in being a validator? Register your interest or email