RChain Debrief 93: RCon3

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This was RCon3 week in Berlin, Germany, and this week the community debrief was short. Kenny pointed out that there’s a deep interest in the blockchain space in Berlin. This was Blockchain Week in Berlin, which included EthBerlin and a MakerDAO meetup.
Greg and Medha shared highlights from the conference, and there were short Pithia and bounty system updates.

  • About 350 people attended the conference
  • The birth of RChain Europe was announced by Ela Kagel and Steve Ross Talbot
  • The test net launched with 35 validators; most signed the genesis block
  • RSong immersive audio demo was delivered to Android and iPhone apps
  • Developers found and fixed 4 or 5 nondeterministic bugs, underscoring the need for behavioral types
  • Developers spent two days working on the Venus (2nd main net release) roadmap, plans for RNode 0.7 and 0.8
  • Lawrence from Pithia announced a few new deals and prospects in supply chain and telecom
  • Allan Cooper mentioned that the voting system is being improved
  • Greg announced that he’ll be on vacation the next two weeks to recharge
  • There was no RChain Asia community debrief this week