RChain Debrief 94: Feedback from RCon3

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Update summary

RChain Europe went live and test net was launched at RCon3.  Kayvan has a fix for a few bugs encountered during the RSong demo and will have the demo running for the next six months.
This week, Greg emphasized the need to start building and testing dApps to uncover bugs and stabilize the network. Greg solicits the help of community members and portfolio companies with getting dApps running and writing code on the platform.

  • RNode v0.6.4 released
  • Details of the RSong deals will be made public on GitHub.
  • RCon3 participants should please fill out the survey form they received via email.


Technical update
Reflective Ventures update
Pithia update
Running dApps to ensure robustness

Contents in brief

Greg clarified that during the RCon3 RSong demo, a bug was discovered, so it was switched over from the on-chain source to S3. The bug will be fixed soon, and people will be able to experience the immersive music served from on-chain.
Technical update

  • Testnet refresh took place on Tuesday. The team was able to perform a staggered update and preserve the original blockchain state.
  • Medha is focusing on detailing out the rest of the releases, anticipates this will be done by the end of the week.
  • Working out the test plan and SLA for HackerOne.
    Limiting scope creep is paramount.
  • The team is concerned about locking down what we will deliver for Mercury.

Rholang team:

  • The team faced an issue with the show-blocks command. They suspect that this may be related to context switching around threads. The workaround is to use show-block with the block’s hash.
  • Work continues on the name registry.
  • The team is focusing on stability in the interpreter, specifically work on stack management.
  • The team met to discuss the Casper block store, goals being to improve the story for validator recovery and performance improvements.
  • Casper team is focused on fixing the InvalidBondsCache bug.
  • They are working on uplifting the integration tests by moving these to PyTest and making the tests modular. Once complete, this work will be turned over to the SRE team.
  • The SRE team welcomes Adam to the project.
  • SRE is working on a proposal to streamline and improve our DevOps pipeline.
        Avoid excessive rebuilds from one set of tests to another
        Including performance testing as part of the pipeline
        Addressing Travis latency issues.

Storage/Node team

  • Investigating moving to finer-grained locking in LMDB. Removing the lock and running the wide contract yielded encouraging results (8-10 K COMM events/s)
  • Node team is focusing on the threading model. Alexander is leading this effort.
  • Medha/Mike/Philip answer questions about validation and incentivized testnet.


  • Updated with RNode v0.6.4 release.

Technical Q&A

  • There is a call to community members and developers to develop dApps. Priority is on getting dApps run on nodes to test the performance.

Reflective Ventures update

  • A deal was closed this week by the team, details to be released next week.
  • They are making progress with the validator process. They have been discussing with community members and trying to get a big picture of the major concerns about the validator economics to provide feedback to Co-op management.

Pithia update

  • Lawrence had a talk with Ela Kagel to connect her with digital identity and governance resources they’ve invested in.
  • Tamara Rogers and Lawrence spoke at the Blockchain Seattle event.

Running dApps to ensure robustness
Discussion among Greg, Reflective Ventures, Pithia, and the community.
Greg M: “It is utterly essential now that we start building on the platform. If we don’t write applications to this platform, it will not stabilize. The only way software gets stable is when we start putting it into use…

  • Roadmap
  • Governance
  • Technical questions
  • Legal issues