RCon3 Spotlight Use cases

RChain Spotlight: Inkrypt

In this ongoing series, we showcase blockchain and dApp startups that have partnered with Reflective Ventures to solve entrenched industry problems using RChain’s revolutionary 3rd generation blockchain platform.
In this episode, we caught up with Farhan Javed, Co-Founder, Inkrypt at RCon3 in Berlin. Inkrypt is building a censorship-resistant, decentralized journalism and media content hosting platform that ensures content authenticity and resilience.

Inkrypt: The Idea

The goal of Inkrypt is to create a censorship-resistant, decentralized content hosting platform so that everyone around the globe “has unadulterated access to information.” The conception of Inkrypt can be traced back to the early life experiences of its co-founders. Having spent time growing up in countries where government control of information and censorship is widespread, they had experienced government curated content first hand.
“Access to resilient information that cannot be adulteratedn is the bedrock for any free and successful society”- Farhan Javed, Co-Founder

What’s unique about Inkrypt?

Inkrypt will be the first company to combine distributed hosting with anonymous communications to foster safe and secure dissemination of information. Resisting centralized censorship such as government curated media is a disruptive effort that requires disruptive technology The Inkrypt team saw opportunity in blockchain’s peer-to-peer protocol to ensure distributed, censorship-resistant hosting for journalism to thrive unfettered by regulatory bodies.

Why RChain

One of RChain’s unique strengths is its strong mathematical foundations and empirical approach to improving blockchain technology today. “The co-op is good at making connections with academic institutions,” Farhan Javed stated at RCon3. To the Inkrypt team, RChain goes beyond recent blockchain hype by diligently iterating a robust infrastructure solution. “The cooperative is focusing on addressing what I would say is the largest pain point in the space, which is scalability and sustainability.” Javed continued.
RChain’s foundations and goals suit the needs of emerging businesses to build on top of, especially those with ambitions of effective, distributed global outreach.

Inkrypt: Next Steps

Inkrypt strives for free speech advocacy and the belief that access to information and data should be universal. Strong distributed platforms such as RChain can help combat biases and boost transparency. Rewriting every book of law the world over may not be feasible, but providing a technologically sound layer for data transmission that reduces the ability of third parties to gatekeep and manipulate data is crucial.
Construction on top of RChain’s main network in 2019 is the bedrock for Inkrypt’s goals. Inkrypt is hashing out their proof of concept to reach minimum viable product status. The team intends to push the MVP to journalists working in heavily censored nations, mainly in the Middle East.