RChain debrief 97: spread the word on social media

Reminder: The annual members meeting is on October 24th, and an email will be sent out the week of October 15th with voting instructions. Voting will take place online before the meeting.
Update summary
Medha leads the community through an update from the dev team. Look for the release of Node 0.7 next week, and the refresh of testnet on the 15th of October. The team is happy to bring on board Rita Allen, who will be working with the SRE team. Lawrence’s connection with the Toronto exchange company provides RChain an opportunity to be listed on its exchange in November. The Reflective team is on its way to San Francisco for Blockchain Week, having Greg Meredith on the main stage on Thursday. Reflective is excited about the portfolio companies putting up code and smart contracts on the RChain platform. They plan to feature Proof on next week’s community call to demonstrate their smart contract and how it will run on the RChain network. Community members are encouraged to increase their social media engagement and dialogue on personal channels to get the voice out about RChain.
The deadline for items of business submission for member meeting is Tuesday. Check below for more detail.
Technical update: Validator bonding and fees completed
Pithia update: Listing on a Toronto exchange company
Reflective Ventures update: San Francisco blockchain week
Marketing update: Social media engagement and developer outreach

  • Tuesday is the last day to submit items of business for the annual member meeting.
  • Town hall meetings will be held on Monday and Tuesday to facilitate participation on Cooperative issues and business items proposals.
  • Node testers information
  • The dev team brought onboard Rita Allen as a project manager. She will be working with the SRE team.
  • To request changes on, please use the “SHARE FEEDBACK” button on the bottom right of the page. This will automatically open a Jira ticket.
  • Check the blog for details about the annual meeting on the 24th.

Contents in brief
Technical update

  • The team successfully performed an internal test on validator bonding last week, but was not able to successfully bond this week due to a change in the protobuf definition, which affected the bonding helper file.
  • Medha is working with Kayvan on reproducing the performance issues with retrieving data from the blockchain.
  • Node 0.7 is expected to be released next week. Test net will be refreshed and relaunched on 10/15.

Rholang team

  • Cost accounting pull requests have been merged.
  • The team discovered some more non-determinism. A fix is in progress.
  • Pull request merged for name registry, registering with public names.
  • There is a pull request to remove listening and sending on unforgeable names. Holding on this pull request until all contracts are ported, to remove the use of forgeable names.
  • Enhancement was made by Chris Boscolo from lifeID for Rholang to support byte array concatenation.

Casper team

  • Validator bonding and validated fees have been completed and merged.
  • Created API to support validator bonding.
  • The team updated the API for listening on names to include block numbers.
  • Community member Christian fixed a purse vulnerability.
  • Community member Abner removed the additional replay from proposing node in Casper.
  • There is now an in-memory representation of the DAG and have refactored the safety Oracle to use it .

Node team

  • Got a fix in COMMs that resulted in better block passing during node testing.
  • Working with the Casper team to implement a streaming API. This is to help with broadcasting and chunking of blocks.
  • Working on improving the threading model.
  • Creating documentation for developers and node operators so they can implement metrics. This is to help in monitoring their own nodes.

Storage team

  • Merge the implementation of fine-grained concurrency to RSpace. Working on removing the old course grained RSpace code
  • Investigating the efficiency of a replay.
  • The pull request that releases the name registry for node 0.7 is cut.
  • Working on more test scenarios for Gatling.

SRE team

  • Looking forward to having a new CL system in place by the end of the sprint.
  • Working with the RSong team to bring the project into RChain CI.
  • Working on establishing service level objectives (SLO’s) for Mercury release.
  • The REV issuance script is on GitHub for community use and review.
  • Incentivized test net is now called Ceres game. The challenge of the Ceres game will start in December and run several rounds. A website with details about the game will be available later this month.


  • Request for changes and features improvement on the developer’s website should be done using the “share feedback” button located on each page to make a request. We do not monitor Discord for change requests.

Pithia update

Reflective Ventures update

  • The team will be at the San Francisco Blockchain Week next week. Greg Meredith will be taking the main stage on Thursday. They will be having booths for the entire week and a Rholang workshop next  Monday led by Ned Robinson and Joshy Orndorff.
  • Expansive and Proof are portfolio companies have been building smart contracts for the RChain network. Luigi from Proof will be presenting use cases for smart contracts on RChain next week.
  • 24 of the portfolio companies were at Reflective’s update meeting and all exceeded the goals and objectives they set.
  • Another Deal Day has been scheduled for November 8 in Seattle, mainly on women-focused companies.
  • The team will be delivering a report next Wednesday on the transaction volume (specifically the dollar amount) and the number of COMM events expected to be created on the blockchain.

Notes from comments/Q&A

  • Lawrence makes a request for an opportunity to feature portfolio companies in Debriefs. The request was supported and is in progress.
  • Greg Meredith is excited to get the Reflective report analysis of the kind of transaction volumes to expect from the portfolio companies.

Marketing update

  • Roadmap for the finalized website improvement process will be made available in two weeks.
  • Blog: the blog has been migrated to a subdirectory on the co-op’s website and is currently getting a design update.
  • Membership: workstream on membership site will resume after the annual member meeting. The leads of the effort are focused on a secure member election and items of business.
  • Email communication: Derek sent out the first test newsletter last week to a subset and got feedback. Going forward, newsletters will be sent to both members and non-members (subscribers).
  • Written content: 6 posts have been published on the blog since the last debrief, more on technical content.
  • The blog has increased users up to 30% a week for the past several weeks.
  • Video content: more video content from RCon3 and interviews with members of the ecosystem have been published on YouTube.
  • Will be launching the proof of work versus proof of stake video.
  • The marketing team had their first public office hours on Tuesday.

Notes from comments/Q&A

  • Fabian shows a spreadsheet which makes a comparison of RChain with other blockchain projects. Emphasis was laid on the effectiveness of social media engagement to boost the RChain brand global rating and the need for strategic developer outreach and onboarding to have them using the RChain platform.
  • Community members are encouraged to increase their social media engagement and dialogues to create brand awareness.
  • Rudy Harper is concerned about prioritizing the kind of blockchain evangelists needed.

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