Community Governance

RChain Annual Membership Meeting

Annual meetings are on October 24 each year, regardless of the day of the week.
All voting is done online before the meeting.

RChain Annual Membership Meeting October 24, 2018

TL;DR  An email will be sent out the week of October 15 with voting instructions. All voting will take place online before the meeting. 
Only active members may vote. Please check the member site to make sure you are registered. If you joined the co-op and you are not registered, please send an email to or ask @greeter for help in the Discord #lobby channel.
For 2018, all paid members will be emailed voting instructions. Every member who registered and paid $20 on prior to October 11 will be sent an email the week of October 15 containing voting instructions.
All voting will be conducted online before the meeting.
If you aren’t sure what to expect, see last year’s annual meeting summary.

Items of Business

The #items-of-business channel on Discord is where members can submit  and show support for existing proposals with a thumbs up. Any IOB that has (1) signatures of at least 10% of the members (160 members) OR (2) support of at least 3 board members (33%) will be included on the ballot.
The final list will be updated as soon as finalized during the week of October 7, 2018
See last year’s proposals and votes.

Voting for Board Directors

This year, there are 4 Board seats that will be voted on. Five seats have terms that do not expire this year.


Nominees for Board of Directors October 2018

Medha Parlikar                   Pyrofex, Inc.                                   @medha#8330
Jennifer Harrison               Microsoft                                        @jaywing18
Christopher Padovano     Decentralized Legal                    @chris p#0139
Barry Cynamon                  Better Future Forward, Inc.      @Barry Cynamon#2628
Christoph Frehsee             Stanford University                     @Christoph#1622
Kevin Goldstein                  Kee Global Advisors                    @KevinG#9534
Navneet Suman                 Pithia                                              @ns#2597
There is a new channel in the members Discord called #director-campaign-2018 where members and nominees can converse.

Board responsibilities

The Cooperative members elect the Board of Directors. The Cooperative is managed by the Board of Directors. The officers and employees are appointed by the Board.
See Article VIII of the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws for more detailed information about Board responsibilities and obligations.
Board Meeting minutes and legal documents are publicly available.

Current Board of Directors

Board does not have a chair
Greg Meredith
Kenny Rowe
Ian Bloom
Evan Jensen
Vlad Zamfir
HJ Hilbolling  (term expiring)
David Currin  (term expiring)
Navneet Suman  (term expiring)
Compensation of board members: $60,000 per year less any compensation received as employee or contractor.

Become a member

Membership requires filing a written agreement and paying a one-time membership fee (currently $20).
Members who have signed the membership agreement and paid the membership fee are considered active members until the platform launches. In order to remain active once the platform launches, a member must purchase at least $10 worth of services per year, or pay a charge of $10 per year.
Membership will automatically terminate if a member is inactive for five years.

RChain Membership Sign-up Tutorial

If you have any problems when trying to sign up as a member, please send an email to or ask @greeter for help in the Discord #lobby channel.