Update summary

Greg Meredith opens the hangout by recalling the vision of RChain to “reboot the coordination technologies” and reminds us there is an urgent reason why. The UN scientific advisory board issued a notice that shows the need to change our consumption patterns and supply chain management to avert the environmental consequences of climate change. The technical team reports that RSong has a significant speed improvement retrieving data from the chain. There was also a demo featuring node 0.7. Greg Heuss takes the community through the expected volume of transactions on the RChain network as the portfolio companies build on the platform. One of the portfolio companies, Proof, demoed the dApp they are building and how it will benefit RChain. See details in the update below.

Special announcement: Voting in the annual election

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A unique ballot link will be sent to the email address that you registered on
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Contents in brief

Technical update

  • The initial threading fix is in place. RSong reported a significant speed improvement in retrieving data from the chain, about 6 times faster.
  • Node 0.7 will be released this week. A blocking bug RHOL-917 needs to be fixed before we re-launch test net on October 15th. The relaunch of test net is described in Information for test net validators.

Rholang team

  • Cost accounting pull request is merged. Logical connectives are now restricted in the patterns of receive and logical AND only.
  • Registry pull request merged for the name registry, registering with public names.
  • An issue was discovered with the registry; a security flaw in the existing written code using “@(*contractName, “method”) “
  • There is a pull request to remove listening and sending on forgeable names. The pull request will be retained until all the contracts are ported.
  • Rholang cheat sheet for developers to be published this week on the developer site.

Casper team

  • Testnet faucet for validator bonding is now available.
  • The team ran a test where validators could bond.  
  • There is a pull request to improve error messages and logging to aid in diagnosing issues.
  • Validation of the genesis block is taking too long (an hour and a half). This will be investigated by the RSpace team in a future sprint.
  • Block store is in implementation. This is about restoring state when there’s a problem with a node. The team is expecting a pull request for the latest messages store.

Node team

  • Casper has been moved to a streaming API to support unlimited block sizes. Writing integration tests.
  • Need to address how dropped messages are identified and handled.

Storage team

  • Benchmarking SCodec serializer against Kryo Serializer.
  • Investigating storing continuation patterns separately for faster access (observing quadratic slowdown with consecutive reads).
  • Investigating why replay is less efficient than propose inside the tuple space.

SRE team

  • Ready to fully shift to Drone CI and Java 10 following the release of RNode v0.7.
  • Improvement of the integration test suite is in progress.
  • Work in progress to improve debugging by obtaining server logs from nodes.

Ceres Games (incentivized testnet)

  • Work in progress to develop this program. Look for more information in Oct. and the start of the challenges around Dec.

Demos on RNode 0.7 release features: cost accounting, show blocks, and registry
Cost accounting

  • Medha shows a demo of cost accounting in RNode 0.7: the evaluator now returns a cost for execution.

Show blocks

  • The show blocks have been updated to now return to the tuple space.
  • Medha gives a demo on validator bonding test done in the Tuesday node testing session. See the video.


  • Mike Stay demonstrates the use of the registry to make contracts both public and secure.


Reflective update

  • San Francisco blockchain week is happening. Thanks to Joshy who gave a presentation on Rholang.
  • Greg Heuss shows the relationship of the portfolio companies with the RChain ecosystem and how the volume of transactions will increase over time.

  • He also shows the dollar value of transactions that Reflective Ventures expects to go through monthly with the portfolio companies on the platform.

  • The final graph shows the annual transaction volume expected by 2020 if we keep the pace of 23 new companies a year on the RChain platform.

Notes from comments/Q&A

  • Greg is excited to see the future of RChain with the portfolio companies’ projected transaction volume. He believes existing blockchains have been focusing too much on internal transactions, such as trading tokens. But for RChain, it’s going to reflect real life transactions.
  • Ned’s questions about COMM events and transaction per second.

Demo from Proof Media, a Reflective Ventures portfolio company

  • Luigi gives an intro of Proof and hands it over to Paolo for the dApp demo.
  • Paolo in his demo shows a simplified presentation of Proof’s current architecture and then gives an example of how RChain would be used for voting on Proof’s platform.
  • Paolo is excited about contributions from community members to demonstrate Proof’s architecture on the RChain platform. They will test the new features of node 0.7 at its release.