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Blockchain 101: Rholang Explained, Smart Contracts, and Open-Source Culture

There has been a lot of buzz going around about our new programming language, Rholang. In the video above, RChain president Greg Meredith explains the language, based on the calculus he invented.
To communicate with any blockchain platform you need to have a programming language to interact with it. Solidity on Ethereum, C for EOS, and Rholang for RChain. The issue with languages like Java, Solidity, and C, is that they cause what Greg Meredith calls “cognitive burden.”

Whether you’re talking Solidity or Java, it’s not a ‘what you see is what you get language.’ For example, if you try to look at Java, C#, or OCaml, in a multi-threaded context you can’t tell from looking at the code how many active threads are running through this code.

When you write out the syntax in Rholang, you literally get what you see on the screen, which relieves the cognitive burden that most developers experience. When you compile the language, not only the syntax, but the security, compositionality, concurrency, and other key features, molds together to make it the revolutionary language it is.
Click the following if you want to learn more about the semantics and the calculus Rholang is derived from. Take Rholang out for a spin by learning from this helpful tutorial and join the Co-op to participate in the office hours hosted by community members, where you can collaborate with other devs and look at one another’s code!