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RCast 5: Diversity in Blockchain (with Ela Kagel and Rashid Owoyele)


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Shortly after joining the co-op, I was at RCon3 Berlin, where I got to meet Ela Kagel (Co-Founder and Managing director of SUPERMARKT Berlin and an RChain Europe board member) and Rashid Owoyele (Community and Strategy Director for RChain Europe). In our first pre-conference breakout session, Rashid brought up the lack of diversity in the room (and blockchain and tech generally), and what we were doing to address it. This is a longtime elephant in the room, but one that is, thankfully, being addressed more and more. This podcast reflects one way we can work together to address these issues by creating an open dialogue that will bring engagement and awareness to this subject.
This RCast is quite timely. We recorded this conversation during the Kavanaugh hearings and I recorded the introduction on Election Day. While we tend to focus on the racism and xenophobia occurring in America and around the world right now—and which should be a focus—there is often too little attention given to the people fighting against these backward mindsets. Take, for example, a few of the results of yesterday’s elections:

With a more diverse political landscape unfolding before us, hopefully more progressive discussions will be heard in the coming years. This RCast is one attempt of moving in that direction.