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RChain Debrief 103: RChain on spot for Korean blockchain facility support


Update summary

This week on the hangout brings us to some exciting happenings around the co-op. The dev team will run a one week sprint as they finish work on planning for RNode v0.8 release. Kenny Rowe gives a rundown on the progress of items of business and elections. Derek Beres and Fabian have been working on initiatives to drive traffic and usability to the RChain platform. Jonathan Kochmer also tells us about the enormous opportunity RChain has with the South Korean government providing blockchain facility and support.





Contents in Brief

Greg Meredith gives a demo on some semantics and syntax of Rholang in a discussion of developers’ thoughts about sequentializing inputs.
Technical update

  • The dev team is on a one-week sprint as planning work for RNode v0.8 release is being completed
  • Recruitment and interview process is in progress to add team members
  • Upgrade to Java 10 is complete in the development branch and will be in the next release

Rholang team

  • The team is working on improvements to tests related to the name registry and interpreter
  • Work continues to proof against StackOverflowErrors related to deeply nested AST
  • There’s been progress in refactoring to improve code stability. There was a mixture of F and Task produces, and unsafeRunSync and Task delay. Refactoring of business logic to use a generic F and limit use of Task to boundary classes continues. Updating tests based on refactoring work
  • Deanna Duke continues work to persist DAG on disk. Work to update tests for this feature and to deliver the new DAG API is also in progress

Casper team

  • Fixes for bugs blocking test net functionality: genesis ceremony, block passing, and assuring nodes process transactions in blocks in the correct order. The team will test tomorrow
  • The team is working on improving test suite of Casper features and also in progress to restart work on cost accounting features

Node team

  • They set investigation and resolution of bugs as a priority this week for the team. They are working with Casper and SRE teams to support

Storage team

  • The team is investigating bugs in tests
    • Found the cause of a burdensome bug “java.lang.Exception: Unknown root” and started work on a fix
    • Investigating a bug observed on a test net “java.lang.Exception: Attempted to remove a continuation from a value that doesn’t exist”
  • Thread pool separation for RSpace complete. We’ll be looking at system performance based on this change and will likely discover fine tuning work related to this

SRE team

  • Planning for migration to new infrastructure; work to be complete by end of the month
  • Investing in test failures, test improvements, and implementing fixes in CI

RChain test net

  • All teams working to resolve blockers to test net

Support for dApp developers

See dev update also on RChain wiki
Progress report: election and Items of business update

  • First financial transparency report and ready for Q4 will be released in January
  • Conflict of interest policy is completed
  • Proposed bylaw amendment process is completed
  • KYC is now required for membership
  • See full update on the progress report

Marketing update

  • Derek Beres will be having a podcast with Rahul Sonnad from Tesloop next week. He anticipates the new co-op and dev website will launch soon
  • Fabian and Derek completed initiatives focused on driving traffic and usability to the RChain platform


Asian community update

  • A province in Korea just elected a minister who aims to make his province as a global headquarters for blockchain. They have a 300-megawatt data center and are committing $400m to a blockchain center of excellence. They are excited about RChain and would love to have RChain employees work there, with lodging and office facility available. Interested persons should indicate their interest to Jonathan Kochmer
    • They are targeting 220,000 companies to adopt blockchain technology
    • It is being supported by the Korean president and led by a former member of the United Nations Future Forum
    • Swytch, one of Reflective’s portfolio companies, is a major partner with the Korean government on blockchain. According to Jonathan Kochmer, they are contributing to the $400m facility and the 300 megawatt data centre that’s being set up for Microsoft Azure and the blockchain initiative


Tampa Bay Shards

  • The Tampa Bay shards company is implementing a social ledger to develop social networking platforms. It won’t be run as a cooperative legal entity but done in a cooperative style