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RChain Asia constructs a new blockchain ecosystem with Korea’s Kyungsangbuk-do

On November 14, RChain Asia participated in the ‘Kyungsangbuk-do Blockchain Special Committee Launching Event’ for blockchain industry development and global network formation. This committee consists of forty domestic and international experts that will judge and counsel a long-term blockchain industry development plan as well as suggest and implement new policy missions. RChain Asia is cooperating with Korea’s biggest engineering university, POSTECH, and its Blockchain R&D Center located in Kyungsangbuk-do. We plan on forming an RChain Korea Development community in order to educate developers on Rholang. While Kyungsangbuk-do is planning to utilize local currencies and vouchers in the long term, we are searching for potential applications of RChain’s platform and technology to this wider field that is emerging in Korea.
Under Kyungsangbuk-do’s governor Chul-Woo Lee’s special order, in August a benchmarking team was sent to the mecca of blockchain, Switzerland Zug’s CryptoValley. Kyungsangbuk-do has also signed a contract with an Israeli startup acceleration company. The province has been actively constructing a global cooperation system to incubate a blockchain industry. Kyungsangbuk-do is a province where 2.7 million Koreans reside, with a GDP of 136 trillion won scale (2018). The province’s vision includes a blockchain and AI revolution transforming its manufacturing-based industry.

Brock Pierce (l); Jonathan Kochmer (r)

Kyungsangbuk-do has stated this committee is not restricted by Korean borders; its purpose is to encompass the globe. Thus, the committee includes numerous international members, such as RChain Cooperative’s business development general manager, Jonathan Kochmer; former Bitcoin Foundation Director, Brock Pierce; AMCHAM chairman, Jeffrey Jones; Switzerland Momentum representative, Eyal Oster; and co-founder of Johns Hopkins Alliance for AI in Healthcare, Annastasiah Mhaka.
Domestic committee members include POSTECH professor and Blockchain R&D Center Chairman, Han Sung Ho, and Internet Security Solution company PentaSecurity board member, Shim Sang Gyu. DUBU4’s Lee Seung Ho (technology board member) implemented the next generation 3.0 blockchain technology SharkDAG, Jeon Ha Jin (Korean Blockchain Committee’s self-regulatory chairman), and Kim Tae Bong (Korean Blockchain Startup Committee vice president) also participated the event. — HJ Lee, RChain Korea