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RChain Debrief 104: Tesloop Presents Its New Initiative, Carmiq


Update summary

Greg Meredith and Ned Robinson fill in for Kelly Foster to give the development update. RChain received a partnership proposal from Whiteblock which Greg views as an important development to help cut validation infrastructure costs. He also addresses the miscommunication of information on IOB6 (Diversity of Implementation proposal) in the board minutes. Reflective Ventures is focused on getting more partners in order to meet its responsibility towards its portfolio companies. Greg Meredith further explains the relationship between RSong potentials, the Immersion cloud service license, and capital partners. He is willing to go on a private Zoom call with community members interested in getting more details on the negotiations for funds with a potential capital partner. The hangout ends with a presentation from Tesloop on the work they have been doing on Carmiq and a short update from the Asian community regarding the details of the Korean government’s blockchain support.





Contents in brief

Technical update

  • The dev team is shifting resources to create better coverage with integration tests. The goal is to fully understand and look to fix the causes of instability observed in the platform
  • Conversations to align on the Mercury minimum viable product requirements continues

Rholang team

  • Work to proof against StackOverflowErrors related to deeply nested AST is close to completion
  • The team continues to refactor work to improve stability. They had a mixture of F and Task produces, and unsafeRunSync and Task.delay. They are now refactoring business logic to use a generic F and limit the use of Task to boundary classes
  • Work in progress to update tests related to the new DAG API

Casper team

  • Working on improving the test suite of Casper features
  • Investigation complete on the status of cost accounting work; a plan is in place for the next steps to restart this work

Node team

  • Investigation and resolution of bugs is a priority this week. Working with Casper and SRE teams to support them.
    Work in progress to improve metrics provided by RNode
  • Working on a proof of concept of a StatsD implementation

Storage team

  • The team is investigating bugs in tests and on the platform

SRE team

  • Planning for migration to new infrastructure. Work to be complete by end of the month
  • Investigating test failures, test improvements and implementing fixes in CI
  • Implementing RDoctor, a log aggregation tool, to support debugging efforts

RChain test net

  • All teams working to resolve blockers to test net

Whiteblock’s partnership

  • Greg Meredith speaks of Whiteblock ’s proposal to partner with RChain. He highlighted some of the anticipated benefits of the relationship: According to him, it will allow developers to run a test net in a box solution to reproduce and fix errors more quickly; and it further allows shard in the box solution
  • Greg believes this to be an important development because it significantly lowers the cost for validation on the network, limiting the barriers to entry for validators

Miscommunication of the board minutes

  • Greg Meredith addresses the miscommunication of item of business 6 (IOB6), the diversity of implementation proposal. After reviewing the board meeting’s audio, it was clear that the proposal didn’t get enough director votes. The mistake was a result of misselection of one of the two versions of the board minutes sent by then-secretary Evan Jensen via email. He apologizes for the miscommunication
  • Greg lets the community know that it is the desire of everyone in the RChain development and management team to have code specifications and diversity of implementation unopposed to it. However, because of the resource cost implications, the board didn’t vote on the proposal for pre-main net consideration but looks forward to that after main net launch, starting with a Haskell implementation
  • Greg explains the necessity of having the spec and the code co-evolve until we reach the reference implementation, Mercury. He elaborates on code specification and the resource implications of producing details of a specification.

Reflective Ventures update  

  • The Reflective team has been focused on getting more partners to fund the portfolio companies
  • Greg Heuss announces the loss of three members of their team: Mrinal Manohar, Lee Carter, and Steve Careaga
  • Notwithstanding, the team is still optimistic and committed to fulfilling their obligations to their portfolio companies. They are not considering new portfolio companies at this moment, but rather restructuring their deal with the co-op
  • New Board Director, Kevin Goldstein, joined the RChain meetup on Tuesday by Zoom
  • The Reflective Deal Day event scheduled for December has been delayed given the team’s obligation to their portfolio companies

RSong and Funding update

  • The board had a meeting with its capital partners last Friday. The board is still not sure exactly when its agreement with the capital partners will be finalized.
  • Greg Meredith is ready to talk privately with any member of the community who wants more details about the funding. Contact Lilia
  • Greg clarifies the details of RSong and the immersion cloud service license. He demarcates between RSong and the immersion service

Tesloop presentation: Carmiq connected car network

  • See the presentation slides of the demo
  • Tesloop is making personal mobility increasingly efficient and beneficial to people and the planet
  • They are building a software platform, Carmiq, designed to enable the transportation system we dream of based on electric, data-connected, and increasingly autonomous vehicles
  • Carmiq is open source, not controlled by any company, available for anyone to use for free. It is designed to balance the transparency we want in our transportation system with the privacy we deserve as individuals while placing system control in the hands of travelers
  • Furthermore, Carmiq enables vehicle sharing, efficient data exchange, and blockchain based crypto-economic interactions amongst the wide variety of stakeholders involved in the mobility ecosystem
  • See short Youtube video about Carmiq  

Asian community update

  • The Korean government support has been refined into a defined set of actions
  • On December 10-15, there will be a four-day long train-the-trainers in Rholang. The trainers have already been identified
  • About 15-20 university professors, postdocs, and advanced graduate students will be learning Rholang and how to teach Rholang.
  • This week the Korean government announced as a national initiative, an effort to fight fake news and simultaneously, a national initiative to establish e-government within Korea. Proof , lifeID and Govurn will also be in communication with the Korean ministers leading the national initiative the same week for the train-the-trainer in Rholang.