Community Governance Progress Report

RChain Progress Report 12/5/18

General Update

Kate Gonsalves resigns and last day will be Dec 7th.

Election Updates

Items of Business updates: delivered by Kenny
#4. Member Participation in Governance [Kenny Rowe]
Working draft  [Open to comment – significant updates]
Will be reviewed by Governance Committee
#5. Monetary Policy [@ysgjay]

  • simplifying the details of the mint contract
  • beginning discussions with developers

#6. RChain Improvement Process [Working Group]
Work in progress 
Draft Charter

  • Schedule next meeting

Governance Committee
Draft charter for Governance Committee by @mutineering
Officially formed

  • Finalize charter and select members (5-9)
  • Review charters for Comp, Finance, and Executive Committees
  • Define IoB4 and RChain Improvement Process for board approval

Board Meeting

  • Approval of Oct and Nov minutes
  • For Governance committee [charter and members to be approved Jan meeting]
  • Financial Updates
  • Updates on various ongoing negotiations

Upcoming Dates

  • Next board meeting Jan 1st
  • Q4 financial report due Jan 2019