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RChain Update 106: The Co-op closes deal for a loan on RHaus

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Last week

In last week’s update, Kelly reported that the dev team’s focus is on stability and testing. Greg announced a partnership with Whiteblock for test net infrastructure which will also allow for the creation of validator-node-in-a-box and shard-in-a-box. Ed Eykholt and Joshy demonstrated RChain wallet usage. Jonathan announced an RChain training program in Korea that starts next week. Derek reported that content marketing is emphasizing portfolio companies.

Update 106 Summary

The development team has begun work with Whiteblock to deploy RNode on their environment. They have plans to release RNode 0.8 next week. Kenny Rowe informs us that Kate Gonsalves has resigned from the co-op effective the December 7 and that she will assist the co-op with the transition. The board has created a governance committee responsible for defining processes and procedures of governance for the co-op. Greg Meredith raises concerns about effective communication of information regarding the board’s will and decisions. He inquires how best to communicate information from the board. The co-op received funding on November 30 at the close of the deal for a loan on RHaus. The hangout ends with Greg Meredith revisiting IOB6 and addressing issues about Rholang, Casper, and other specs.

Technical update: Work with Whiteblock started
Kenny Rowe’s progress report: Governance committee created by the board
Effective communication with the co-op
Funding update: Loan deal on RHaus closed
Greg Meredith revisits IOB6: Specification and diversity of implementation
Contents in brief
Technical update: Work with Whiteblock started

  • Test net
    • Known blockers: syncing to the state, surviving simultaneous proposals, and a timeout issue when the chain is >100 blocks
    • Challenge is the amount of time required to observe bugs and issues. Plan to run on test net overnight to augment the current test infrastructure. Investigating if we do this with Whiteblock infrastructure or internally
  • RNode v0.8 release
  • Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria
    • Conversations continue to resolve open questions about proposed user stories with the co-op and platform stakeholders
    • Work underway on creating acceptance criteria and tests to show completion status for defined user stories. We plan to release a dashboard with this as a work in progress next week
  • Work with Whiteblock started. They are able to deploy RNode in their environment and plan to play with running our integration tests and test net scenarios this week as they complete the setup. Looking forward to meeting with them early next week to learn more about using this playground

Rholang team

  • Work to ensure stack safety continues. PR merged to fix StreamT transformer bug. Next step is to work on abstracting over the effect stack. However, this is on hold until stability work is done
  • Refactoring business logic to use a generic F and limit use of Task to boundary classes. PR unblocked by integration tests issues. Review of PR is in progress and on hold until stability work is done
  • Work completed last week to update tests related to the new DAG API. Now working on block storage

Casper team

  • Supported updates to tests related to the investigation of errors from simultaneous deploys
  • Working to investigate issues found in test net

Node team

  • Priority is work related to platform stability
  • Feedback request: The RNode software currently uses a TOML-formatted configuration file. There is a proposal to change to a HOCON-formatted configuration file. Learn more and share feedback on What format should we use for the RNode configuration file

Storage team

  • Implementation of ProtoUtil.conflicts complete to better support debugging in Casper by allowing identification of individual channels in produces and consumes in the replay log.
  • Specification for peek is complete. Planning to start work next sprint pending the outcome of stability work the remainder of this week

SRE team

  • Migration of CI to co-op infrastructure is complete. Completing work to deploy the performance test harness and RDoctor (log aggregator). Ran a test net on the new infrastructure yesterday
  • Building out comprehensive tests for Mercury deliverables.
  • Supporting stability work efforts

Developer website

  • Ticket to update the REV issuance page related to changes in the timeline for Mercury.

Kenny Rowe’s progress report: Governance Committee created by the board

  • Kate Gonsalves has resigned as the CFO and Treasurer of the co-op effective on the 7th of December. She has agreed to help the co-op with the transition.
    • Help from community members is also needed in search for contract CFO/CPA
  • Invoices will from now on be sent to Kenny Rowe and Bill Swan


Items of business

Members governance participation

  • There is a working draft for member participation

Monetary Policy (IOB5)

  • Beginning discussions with developers on defining the requirements for implementation of IOB5
  • Clarification still needed on some items in IOB5. Jason Plepel is taking the lead on this

The RChain Improvement Process

  • Stuck on getting another meeting scheduled

Governance Committee

  • The Governance Committee has been created by the board. The committee defines processes and procedures for the co-op that relate to governance and will be composed of 5-9 individuals

CTA for the Governance Committee

  • Kenny Rowe: “We see the Governance Committee as extra boots on the ground to help define what it is and how it is that the co-op works together.”

Other updates

  • The board minutes for October and November have been approved
  • Governance Committee charter and selected members to be approved in the January meeting
  • There are updates on finances and ongoing negotiations
  • Financial report due by month end
  • Next board meeting scheduled for January 1

Effective communication with the co-op

  • Greg Meredith feels information representing the board’s will and decisions is not effectively communicated to the community. He asks if it’s sufficient to post announcements on the website, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram
  • Kelly Foster thinks having such information on the website is ideal since people can refer there regardless of the channels they are in
  • Other concerns raised on this is the workload to get information across the social media channels as the information grows in magnitude

Funding update: Loan deal on RHaus closed

  • Greg Meredith lets the community know that the deal for a loan on RHaus has been closed and the co-op’s account will be funded on the 7th of December. The amount received is a bit less than a million dollars
  • Furthermore, Greg is interested to let the community know that serious commitment and hard work has been dedicated even behind scenes to the realization of the Governance Committee charter, the acquisition of the loan, the CI to co-op infrastructure transition and testing infrastructure

Greg Meredith revisits IOB6

  • The co-op is fully committed to specifications for the diversity of implementation (IOB6). Greg Meredith, speaking of specifications says,

We are very committed to providing specifications that have a high degree of fidelity and integrity with respect to what is implemented so that others can do implementations against those specs.


Brain candy: See Greg Meredith elaborating on Casper specification with a more technical illustration of Casper justifications.