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RCast 10: RSong and the Future of Music (with Kayvan Kazeminejad and Fabian Alsultany)

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Music and technology have long gone hand-in-hand. Skinning an animal and using its hide to cover a log is a technological advance, requiring an intricate and nuanced understanding of disparate parts to create a new whole. Stringing horse hair to a lute represents not only an advanced appreciation of sound but also a cognitive ability to link ideas together. Today such trivialities seem inconsequential, yet technologies always seem advanced until they don’t. That doesn’t mean they weren’t groundbreaking at the time.
Blockchain is enabling more advancements in the arts, not only in the way we create music but how we experience and survive from it. RSong has two distinct features, as described in this episode of RCast with software developer and RSong creator, Kayvan Kazeminejad, and RChain Business Development Executive, Fabian Alsultany.
This dApp isn’t limited to audio. As Kazeminejad says during this RCast, any asset can be stored and transmitted via RSong. And as Alsultany says, there are many other applications possible within the RSong framework that will benefit musicians in the near future.
To download RSong for Android or IOS, or to sign up for the RSong mailing list, click here. Click here to watch Alsultany speak about RSong at WOMEX and here to dive deeper into the tech with Kazeminejad at MIT.