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These 5 blockchain-based companies take privacy seriously

Perhaps 2018 should be known as the year of privacy—or, more specifically, the lack of it. We’ve known for some time that tech companies are infringing on our privacy rights and subsequently not taking security seriously, but today’s NY Times expose on Facebook’s selling of user data shows us how little regard they truly have for us. 

Facebook allowed Microsoft’s Bing search engine to see the names of virtually all Facebook users’ friends without consent, the records show, and gave Netflix and Spotify the ability to read Facebook users’ private messages.

As I wrote yesterday, one of the reasons RChain was founded was to create new social coordination technologies as climate change restructures societies. Another essential mission of the co-op (and blockchain in general) is to create better security protocols and digital identity solutions.

For all the wonders of the Internet, tech companies have seriously failed to protect the users that make them money. This unsustainable practice must stop. Unfortunately, it will continue to be a problem until better solutions are created, which is why we’re working hard to complete our journey to main net. 

That being said, here are a few companies building on RChain that we’re very excited about. Each addresses security and privacy in different but complementary ways. 

Rubica (which will be featured on RCast in early January) offers a variety of services to protect your digital identity, including threat analysis, behavioral anomaly protection, and even personal insurance. The company regularly publishes tips on protecting yourself (create better passwords!) and is currently offering a holiday deal that will save you 50% off most services.  

All founders of Inkrypt (RCast 7) lived in countries in which censorship was part of life. They are creating a censorship-resistant cloud storage solution that will enable citizens around the world to work around any blockers their government sets up, as explained in the video below. 

John Wantz, founder of EVERY* (RCast 9), uses his favorite hashtag often: #ownyourdata. The company already has 250,000 shoppers communicating with 230 brands on its network; its rewards program enables consumers to share only what they want (through blockchain) and develop actual relationships with the brands they love. It hardly needs to be said, but EVERY* promises never to use or sell your data in a way that you do not allow.

LifeID (RCast 1) is the product of a foundation that’s building “a secure, blockchain-based, decentralized identity solution.” With a future goal of enabling biometrics as your password for everything, your lifeID will be your access into everything digital, empowering you with the ability to control your data and identity in exactly the ways you desire—a major upgrade to the free-for-all occurring in our digital lives today. 

From a vegan lion king to Kanye West’s twittering, Proof (RCast 3) recently launched its alpha platform in preparation of a full 2019 release. Proofers can vote on a variety of topics as an introduction to how the full platform will soon operate. With so much misinformation and disinformation online, this trusty resource, using the wisdom of the crowds, will help us communicate and trust bette. A tall order in our current digital state, but one we desperately need.