This Week in Blockchain 12.21.18

Hope Springs Eternal

I’m constantly shocked by the lack of foresight of my peers in recognizing what our terrible habits and (lack of progressive) policies are doing to our children, their children, and so on down the line. The offspring of my generation are the first in a century to face worse career and financial prospects than their parents. On top of this lack of oversight, we’re leaving them to clean up our mess to boot.

Fifteen-year-old Greta Thunberg is a Swedish climate activist living with Asperger’s Syndrome. This high-functioning disorder on the autism spectrum is said to produce a lack of connection, but Thunberg is well aware of the bigger picture regarding humanity’s role in climate change. Her three-minute speech at a recent UN conference in Poland should be required watching for every human on the planet.

Speaking of Climate

Addressing forthcoming paradigm shifts associated with climate change is in large part what inspired the creation of RChain. Blockchain will offer coordination and accounting solutions to at least some of the issues we will soon face. One of our portfolio companies, Swytch (RCast 2) is using blockchain to track carbon emissions, with a token-based rewards program for individuals, businesses, and cities that reduce their carbon impact.

While the UN conference that Greta Thunberg spoke at was going on, Swytch lead developer Eric Miller participated in Tsai City’s OpenLab project at Yale University. The gathering was specifically focused on carbon tracking on-chain, part of the lab’s “Open Earth Collaborations” initiative. Make sure to check out the design sprint process that came from this meeting of minds.

Electric Highway

It was a big week for Tesla, with the opening of its first Boring Company project. The one-mile test run was the first public opportunity to participate in the future of mobility services:

Tesloop (RCast 6), a forward-thinking mobility service, has released its Carmiq Connect owner dashboard. One thing that amazed me when talking with co-founder, Rahul Sonnad, was how cars are following the trajectory of the development of phones. A few updates and you literally have a new car. If you are a Tesla owner, check out their Carmiq platform, and if you own or are interested in an electric car, listen to the RCast with Rahul.

Shout Out to Stamford

Coegil designed its system for decision makers. If you have an idea, it will link you to research being done and people working on similar problems in the same field. Focused on the fostering of communities to reach ideal decisions, the Decision Science platform utilizes blockchain to ensure clarity and security in your entire decision-making process.

The Tech Tribune just named Coegil one of the nine best Stamford, CT startups. Basing their decisions on revenue potential, leadership team, brand traction, and competitive landscape, the publication might have even used Coegil’s services in coming to their decision. Though perhaps not—for now.

Happy Holidays

From the team at Augmate…and RChain as well.