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RChain Update 109: The board elects Mark Pui and Steve Ross-Talbot as temporary board members

Update summary

Previously on the hangout, Zak Cole from Whiteblock gave a demo on building a three-node network and adding a block. Greg Meredith also announced the extension of the Immersion Networks license agreement by six months. There was an overview of Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN climate plenary and a discussion of how RChain’s core mission is to be a solution to such planetary challenge.

This week, the development team is back to work after the holidays and will be resuming community node testing next Tuesday. Greg Meredith informs the community that Mark Pui and Steve Ross-Talbot were appointed as temporary board members until the third AGM. Ed Eykholt talks about the command line wallet requirement and specifications. Dan Connolly has been providing support for the Ethereum library. The Asian community progresses with more tutorials and instantiations of the RChain-Rholang blockchain course by Joshy Orndorff and Isaac Defrain.



Contents in brief

Technical update: Dev team back from holiday

  • General
  • Holiday schedule
    • Most of the team is back from the holiday. We reconvened regular cadence of the weekly stand-up today
    • Resuming Tuesday community tests on January 8th
  • Sprint and next release
    • Next two-week sprint starts January 7th. Priority will be bug fixes and work on Mercury features
    • Next release, RNode v0.8.2, will be the week of January 7th RNode-0.8.2 release plan
  • Jira update
    • We combined the three projects (CORE, RHOL, and OPS) into one (RCHAIN) in Jira to better support cross-team collaboration and managing sprint work. RChain Software project. This migration preserved previous issue numbers. You can still search on old issue numbers or use old links to find the same issue in the RCHAIN project.
  • Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria
    • The development team has worked this sprint to support the creation of test cases and acceptance criteria for user stories that are ready. A view of this work is available here
    • The work of the next sprint is to both build out tests for completed stories, complete stories where there are open questions and prioritize feature work.
  • Work with Whiteblock
    • Whiteblock team implementing an RChain test plan in the testing environment and validating the accuracy of their documentation. Dev team has credentials and access to the environment and testing outcomes. Planning to meet later this week for QA
  • Test net status
    • A public test net is not yet available
    • Platform stability is priority #1 and most people on the team are working on that.
  • Rholang team
    • Work continues on the block store. The focus is on resolving issues with integration tests.  RCHAIN-652 — Implement a new BlockStore capable of handling numerous blocks in progress
    • Work to improve messaging for Rholang tests to make them more helpful for debugging RCHAIN-2292 — Improving the failure messages for Rholang unit tests run by TestSet
  • Casper team
    • Work completed removing deploys from finalized blocks to address node out of memory errors
    • Resolved hanging on propose issue by having RuntimeManager depend on F instead of Task.
    • Discussing Validator Incentives and Casper and implementation of cost accounting
  • Node Team
  • Storage team
    • Priority is stability work, debugging support, and writing tests for changes in Casper
  • SRE team
    • Priority is stability work and testing
  • Developer website

Business update: Mark Pui and Steve RossTalbot as temporary board members

  • The board had a special meeting two weeks ago and appointed Mark Pui and Steve Ross-Talbot (RChain EU Board member) to the board as temporary board members until the third AGM for the co-op on October 24th. The minutes for the meeting will be published later
  • The January board meeting was scheduled for January 3rd


Ed Eykholt talks about wallet application: Command line wallet and specifications

  • Ed Eykholt wrote some requirements for a command line wallet and specifications. His focus is on user experience and key management
  • Dan Connolly has also been working on the command wallet to include support for transaction signing using the Ethereum style


RChain Asia update: RChain Rholang course tutorials

  • The Asia team had a successful week-long RChain, Rholang, and blockchain course taught in Korea by Isaac Defrain and Joshy Orndorff. Work is being done pulling together video footage and interviews to promote the RChain-Rholang course
  • There’s been interest from universities to offer RChain- and Rholang-related projects. One of them sent a grant to the government to create a blockchain research and development center
  • Jonathan Kochmer is focused on finishing work in progress to set up a formal structure for RChain Asia


  • Greg Meredith is interested in having a conversation with people in Korea working with on FPGA
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