Community Progress Report

RChain Progress Report Update 01.09.19

Election Updates

1. Items of Business updates: delivered by Kenny

#4. Member Participation in Governance [Kenny Rowe]

Working draft

Will be reviewed by Governance Committee

#5. Monetary Policy [@ysgjay]

  • Defining variables

#6. RChain Improvement Process [Working Group]

Work in progress

2. Governance Committee

  • Meeting held on 1/8/19
  • The meeting was recorded and minutes were taken
  • 5 member committee
  • Initial Proposed Voting Member:
    • Kenny Rowe [Chair]
    • Nick Meyne
    • Camilla Remaley
    • Daniel Salkov
    • Dror Dayan
  • TO-DO:
    • Approval of the final charter before the board

3. Board Meetings from

  • Unofficial minutes published to GitHub from 12-21-18 special meeting
  • Appointed Steve Ross-Talbot and Mark Pui
  • An informational board meeting was held Jan 3rd to onboard new members. There where no resolution and minutes were not taken

Upcoming Dates

  • Next board meeting Jan 10th
  • Q4 financial report due Jan 2019