Community Debriefs

RChain Update 110: Rholang voting and identity applications

Update Summary

In the previous hangout, Greg announced that Mark Pui and Steve Ross-Talbot were appointed as temporary board members. Ed Eykholt discussed the command line wallet requirement and specifications. The Asian community reviewed progress on tutorials and their RChain-Rholang blockchain course.

This week, dev focus is on stability; features work is also picking up. RNode v0.8.2 was released on Jan. 7. The dev team and Whiteblock are working together on Whiteblock’s private test net.

Greg reviews the progress on the kinds of applications that the co-op needs in order to fulfill its functions, such as identity and members voting. Kayvan and Jim Whitescarver give demos of Rholang voting contracts. Greg and Jonathan emphasize the generalizability of the RSong back end and how it can be used to quickly create MVPs for data sharing and supply chain applications.

The Governance Committee had its first meeting and five voting members were chosen.



Contents in Brief

Technical update:  Test net, stability, and features work

  • Sprint and next release
    • Two-week sprint started Jan. 7
    • Part of the dev team will start working on features while the rest work on stability
    • RNode v0.8.2 was released on Jan. 7. Improved platform stability and expanded test coverage for Casper
    • Whiteblock team expects to start running tests in its testing environment this week
  • Casper team
    • Discussing Validator Incentives and Casper and implementation of cost accounting to support Mercury requirement work
    • Implementation of RhoSpec complete for improved messaging from failures
    • Bug investigation that looked like an issue with validator bonding, and now appears to related either to the code or the algorithm
  • SRE team
    • Priority is stability work and testing
    • v2 of RChain Doctor log aggregator used in this week’s community node testing
    • Improving delivery of data from the Rundeck testnet
    • Supporting Whiteblock team in test net observation and testing
    • Optimizations to integration test coverage

Applications Development

Kayvan gives a Rholang voting demo

Greg mentioned that Dan was following a Solidity design pattern for the voting contract and much of the design pattern shrunk because of the object capabilities that are baked into Rholang.

The co-op is going to be able to use a lot of the work Mycelia group did on creating artist profiles because there’s not too much difference between person co-op personas and artist personas. Greg discussed rebranding the RSong template so more people can just pick up the back end piece of it and modify it to get MVPs quickly. It can be used for other kinds of data market applications such as photo sharing and video clip sharing. Jonathan added that it’s fundamentally a supply chain on the blockchain solution.

Kenny’s Progress Report

See the RChain blog for full details of the progress report.

  • The draft for Member Participation in Governance will be reviewed by the Governance Committee
  • Variables are being defined for the monetary policy
  • The RChain Improvement process and the charter draft are still in progress
  • A Governance Committee meeting was held on January 8t and the initial five voting members were determined. Input on governance committee decisions will be welcome from all members
  • Unofficial minutes are published on GitHub for the Board special meeting on December 21, 2018, at which Steve Ross-Talbot and Mark Pui were appointed as interim board members
  • Next board meeting is January 10
  • Q4 financial report is on track to be released by January 20

Comments and QA


RChain Asia Update

Jonathan: One of our Singapore members of RChain Asia had a very promising meeting with an institution and facility in Singapore for ongoing RChain development education based in Singapore that may also propagate elsewhere in Asia. Details should be available in February.