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RChain Update 112: Proposed Wallet Solution for RHOC-REV Conversion

Update Summary

Previously, Kevin Goldstein represented the co-op in the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, where he discussed the potential of blockchain in the energy industry. Augmate was featured on RCast; COO Dana Farbo discusses IoT and wearable device management. Greg Meredith responded to news about the potential DAO attack on the Ethereum network due to its code vulnerability and outlined security measures to handling mission-critical applications on a network. RChain Asia focused on the formalization of public relations and partnerships. It received permission to submit a grant proposal of $2mn together with a Korean university for blockchain research and a development facility. Major update from the progress report last week was the beginning of work from the audit and financing committee.

This week, Dan Connolly demonstrates how the RHOC balance in the Ethereum contract will part of the genesis block upon launch of the network. Greg Meredith discusses cost accounting, short circuits flow, denial of service attack,, and code cleaning. He informs the community of the board’s engagement with a group called Arterial, which does digital asset management for fine arts. Lots of progress on LADL and behavioral types; Greg and community members expect to embark on a six-week seminar on LADL and behavioral types. The hangout closes with Greg discussing his trip to the Binance blockchain conference in Singapore; Jonathan Kochmer closes with an update from RChain Asia.



Content in brief

Technical update: extreme programming session


  • Sprint and Release
    • Two-week sprint ends Feb 4. Priority is platform stability and work from extreme programming session (Jan. 23-25)
    • RNode v0.8.3 released Jan. 21. Please see RNode-0.8.3 release plan  for more details
    • RNode v0.8.4 releases week of Feb. 4
  • Mercury requirements and acceptance criteria
  • Work with Whiteblock
    • Whiteblock team completed work to implement the RChain test plan into the testing environment. We have access to the testing environment. Have not yet tested
  • Test net status
    • A public test net is not yet available
    • A view of the issues blocking the launch of a public test net is available here
    • Platform stability is priority #1 for most people on the team

Extreme programming session this week

Extreme coding session in progress in Warsaw with Greg and most of the team. Work focused on Cost accounting and Wallet

Demo of proposed wallet solution: RHOC-REV conversion on Ethereum address

Dan Connolly demonstrates how RHOC balance in the Ethereum contract will be part of the genesis block at the launch of the network, which will enable RHOC holders to use their Ethereum address to prove ownership of their keys to move into their REV wallet. He shows the code that actually does the claiming of account balance information that happens at genesis block.

Comments and QA

Chris Boscolo summarizes the decisions reached about wallet implementations and features. They have been working on simplifying the wallet transactions like being able to pay to a public key and how to support multi-sig in such a scenario.

Cost accounting: Short circuit flow, denial of service attacks, code cleaning, features MD

Greg Meredith is encouraged by how much is already in place with respect to cost accounting. A major focus is to make sure a short circuit flow exists before running the entire computation. A cleaning up of codes is also required against the denial of service attack to get the short circuit behavior. According to Greg, a failure mode would be completing a computation when the flow is exhausted and then, discover that the flow is exhausted.

LADL and behavioral types  

Greg affirms that a lot of progress is being made on the LADL and the behavioral types. He will be doing research with Mike, Chris Williams, and Joe Denman. They hope to embark on a six-week seminar on LADL and behavioral types. The seminar will be split into two-phases: three weeks of motivation describing why the LADL desiderata are such interest and three weeks describing the challenges and solutions of the LADL/Behavioral types.

Comments and QA

  • Currently, there is one dimension to the phlogiston, which is cost. What do we expect at Mercury launch and when will other dimensions be added? — Ed Eykholt
  • At launch time, we should prepare for two dimensions in one parameter —Greg Meredith

Progress report

  • An open governance committee meeting scheduled today to discuss IOB4  (14:00 UTC)
  • The unofficial minutes from the January board meeting (3rd and 10th) is on GitHub
  • The Q4 2018 financial report is being delayed due to lack of resources. The board took additional bookkeeping aid from a company called Ledger Pros
  • The next board meeting is scheduled for Feb 5
  • See progress report published on the blog

Coop engaged with Arterial

The board is engaged with a group called Arterial, which does digital asset management for fine art. They are currently evaluating the RSong backend as a means to accelerate their business to an MVP. The board hopes to schedule a time with them to talk about their project and help people understand their motivation.

Greg speaks Binance blockchain conference at Singapore

Greg is excited about the conference. He met with a newly appointed board member, Mark Pui, with whom he had conversations on issues regarding RChain. The conference brought him in connection with the heads of global business development. He maintains that engagement with exchanges will be a great help when REV becomes available during Mercury launch.

RChain Asia update

Will Qui has agreed to pioneer node testing sessions for the RChain Chinese community. Jocelin, HJ, and two new volunteers at RChain Korea were at the conference and made great contacts. Jonathan Kochmer has put together a SWAP team on a couple scoping project. He discusses the need for transcribing RChain videos into textual versions and hopes to get inexpensive or volunteer transcription of rich video content. Kudos to Viraculous for weekly textual debriefs.