Ecosystem Spotlight

Current stories to vote on at Proof

Since launching its alpha platform in December, Proof has used the wisdom of the crowds for voting on a variety of stories to determine whether the content is genuine. In an age of perpetual fake news, this platform provides a powerful antidote to false information dominating news feeds.

For example, at the time of writing, the lead story is on Canada’s new food guidelines:

Other stories being voted on is this piece about the impact of tax cuts on business spending:

And this piece debating the legacy of Ronald Reagan:

Recently, voters correctly reported on this disturbing trend thanks to the anti-vaxxer crowd:

And this sad news on our addiction epidemic:

I highly recommend following Proof’s Twitter feed to remain up-to-date with the news, as well as checking out this RCast with co-founder Chris Young about the future of news and the dangers of misinformation.