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Resonate goes open source

Resonate launched with an ambitious goal in mind: to become a blockchain-based music streaming platform that allowed fans to own the songs they stream after nine plays. This would give fans an opportunity to own the music they love while creating a more equitable model for musicians to actually earn a living from what they do.

Like RChain, Resonate is a cooperative. Community has been an integral aspect of their model from day one. Continuing in that spirit, the co-op has announced that as of March, they’ll be open source:

We’ve heard from many members of the community about switching to an open source model and so we’re very excited to completely open up the code base, sharing all of the progress we made last year, while also looking forward to contributions from the developer community that has been so enthusiastic about Resonate since inception.

This move by the Resonate board arrives when they’re seeking further creative funding models to bring the platform to fruition. So far, the community seems pleased about the decision.