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Rholang Training Highlights from South Korea

At the invitation of Youngsook Park, RChain Asia ran a five-day Blockchain / RChain / Rholang course at the Blockchain AI Tech Center in Gimcheon, South Korea. Two dozen Korean developers, selected from fifty applicants, participated.

Joshy Orndorff and Isaac DeFrain lead the technical training while Jocellin Lee and Jonathan Kochmer provided big-picture context. In addition, there were remote presentations given by RChain platform partners, including ReSure and Resonate, to demonstrate the value of blockchain to providing real-world solutions.

This trial foray of RChain Asia into providing blockchain education was enthusiastically received and successful. This model will soon be replicated in Seoul, Shanghai and Singapore, with separate tracks for C-Suite Executives and Developers.

The video above, shot and produced by David Kim, recaps the training. As you’ll see, students were most impressed by Rholang’s versatility, the inspirational lessons, the advantages of blockchain, gamification of teaching techniques, coding tips, and perhaps most importantly, the fun of it all. One student felt five days too short and requested a longer advanced training session.

2 thoughts on “Rholang Training Highlights from South Korea
  1. Any chance of bringing this course to London or at least Europe? I’d take a weeks holiday to attend and meet you guys if Jan ’20+ … will be continuing to find time to understand mathematics, category theory, channels-tupleNamespaces and Correct-by-Construction proofs of specification, as well as architecture behind rholang and CBC Casper in meantime. But starting on Rholang Programming properly and making connections with the real team I think such a course would be ideal. Unfortunately my holiday time is commited until 2020.
    As an aside are there any RChain DevCons this year?

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