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Portfolio Roundup 02.20.19

Resonate Goes Open Source

Blockchain music streaming service, Resonate, launched with a “pay to own” model, whereupon after nine streams of a song you owned it. Anyone trying to impact the music industry, filled with corporate interests as it is, is going to be fighting an uphill battle—yet one we desperately need. To stick to the organization’s community-oriented messaging, they recently decided to become open source.

The Next Step for Stablecoins

Our friends at Witnet shared this blog by Jose Garay covering the basics of stablecoins, how the various types handle price feeds, and how popular stablecoin designs plan to implement oracles. The article ends weighing the benefits and downsides of each coin.

Greener Fields

Swytch recently conducted a poll of 1,000 employees that work for large (over 5,000 employees) US-based companies about their feelings for working at companies trying to make their business model greener. Greenmatters picked up the results:

More than 10 percent said that they would be willing to accept a salary decrease of $5,000 to $10,000 in order to work for a company that made sustainability a top priority. The findings also report that 30 percent said they accepted one job over another because one company practiced sustainability on a corporate level, with more than 10 percent saying they’ve made this decision when faced with it on more than one occasion.

Proof Matters

Proof is waging war on fake news with its unique “wisdom of the crowds” voting platform. As you can see on a recent (rather disturbing) topic, Proofers are chiming in.

Lucidity at IAB

Lucidity‘s COO, Nikao Yang, recently spoke at Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual leadership meeting, discussing “blockchain for the real world.”