Ecosystem Spotlight

Portfolio Roundup 02.27.19

Berkeley Launches Blockchain Accelerator Program

Blockchain at Berkeley, a student organization at UC Berkeley focused on blockchain innovation, has teamed up with two other campus organizations to create the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. The accelerator program aims to guide and support blockchain startups from around the world.

The 12-week program will offer between five to ten high-value startups access to mentors and investors, office space, and funding of up to $200,000 per team. There will be no specific industry that the group is focused on—they desire a diverse group of participants—but the projects must be “technically sound.”

Blockchain at Berkeley president, Gloria Zhao, believes blockchain is an important evolution of technology for helping creating democratic participation in business. She continues,

The technology itself is, I would call groundbreaking, because of its ideological differences. It springs out of a movement of libertarianism and freedom and personal privacy, so it’s very much intuitive for social impact and democratization.

Deep Dive Into Oracle Solutions

Gorka Irazoqui Apecechea, a researcher at Witnet Foundation, offers this intensive article on the importance of security protocols being implemented in decentralized networks from day one. Witnet’s express goal is to connect smart contracts to any external data source. While ambitious in scope, the particulars matters, which is why Apecechea writes this comprehensive piece on securing your network. As he notes,

In this post we will try to explore specific problems that arise when commit-reveal schemes are coupled with identities (i.e., public keys and IP addresses). In systems like Winet or other decentralized oracles, successfully following up commits with valid reveals has a huge impact on rewards distribution and, most importantly, on the results of the data requests. If the identity of the committers is publicly known, they may face attacks and reprisal from fellow committers in order to prevent them from publishing their reveals.

Protecting Your Children

Cybersecurity system, Rubica, offers a variety of plans for consumers to protect their devices. While online privacy is usually discussed for adults, children are more in need of monitoring from malicious actors. This guide from Rubica rates popular mobile apps for kids. It also offers common sense advice for keeping their devices (or yours, if you let your kids play games on them) safe.

OPEN Token Swamp Information

OPEN has been creating a blockchain payment infrastructure for applications. With all the confusion about cryptocurrency payments, the OPEN platform is designed to make the process as seamless and invisible as possible.

Anyone invested in the platform’s tokens should check out this guide to their current token swap.

Blockchain Pioneers

Augmate and Securitize on stage after accepting an award as a Blockchain Pioneer at BlockchainConnect Conference. Read about the experience by Augmate’s VP of Product, Brian Rogers.