Ecosystem Spotlight

Portfolio Roundup 03.06.19

Ad Transparency

Ever wonder how blockchain will play a role in digital advertising? Lucidity has produced its 2019 Ad Transparency Report to address the ways that blockchain will help with: identifying and optimizing against waste and fraud; increasing traffic and conversions with supply chain transparency; and what confirmed metrics are and what that means to your business.

Nearing a Landmark

Music streaming co-op, Resonate, is quickly approaching a milestone: 10,000 accounts! As the organization recently announced it’s going open source, make sure to follow their social media properties for updates—and don’t forget to register for your own account to help them cross that threshold.

Why Privacy?

Our friends at Blockchain at Berkeley, a student organization that represents the next generation of where this technology is heading, shared this article on key takeaways on blockchain and privacy. While RChain is a cooperative focused on creating a decentralized platform, this article is an important reminder that

Privacy is not secrecy. It is about having the option to reveal the minimum amount of information for the shortest duration of time required.

As Big Data continues to be a major economic driver moving forward, maintaining control of personal information is more important than ever. This article is a deep dive into why that is and what blockchain can offer to help us on this path.


The cover story in the latest Wired is one of the wildest articles I’ve read in a while. The idea of creating a total replica of the planet in AR is mind-blowing. In fact, blockchain is even mentioned in the piece, as a potential solution for handling some of the load of this project.

Or really, projects, as many companies are already utilizing AR in the workforce. For example, logging prior moments on factory floors allows managers to install better safety protocols. This will have major consequences in terms of how we understand time itself:

History will be a verb. With a swipe of your hand, you will be able to go back in time, at any location, and see what came before. You will be able to lay a reconstructed 19th-century view right over the present reality. To visit an earlier time at a location, you simply revert to a previous version kept in the log.

AR plays a major role in wearables as well. A new report by Verdantix speculates that this market will experience a major boom in the coming decades: from $402M in 2019 to $4.3B in 2039. To better understand what the future of wearables and AR entails, check out our talk with Augmate to see what’s ahead:

Rubcia @ RSA

The RSA Conference is currently happening in San Francisco. Rubica CEO Frances Dewing is presenting on why parents need to protect their children on mobile devices, as their apps can be gateways to privacy invasions. Congratulations Frances!