Community News

RChain Update 04.26.19

Over the weekend of April 20, Greg Meredith traveled to Barcelona to meet with potential investors. We had been in contact with them for a number of weeks, and we had a number of conversations with them leading up to Greg meeting them in person. They went through the KYC process prior to the sit-down meeting.

They expressed an interest in putting the money into escrow. We had a trusted third party conduct the transaction. Once the money was in escrow, we sent 11 million RHOC to their wallet. It was only after the money had been in escrow that we were alerted that it was counterfeit.

We immediately contacted the FBI, as well as the Spanish authorities. We also contacted Kucoin, which has blocked the address, which you can view here. While their identification might prove to be fake, their photos are not. If anyone in the community is contacted by someone trying to sell RHOC from that address, please alert us immediately and we will contact the authorities. The RHOC being held by the scammers will not be honored upon reaching Genesis. The community must remain vigilant in the final push to mainnet.