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Secondary Markets and the Purpose of RChain

This week the community became alarmed when a legitimate holder of RHOC decided to move some of their tokens to KuCoin. I could understand any concern that this was a scammer address we had not identified—you can view those here—but a quick analysis shows it to be either an early investor or someone who was paid by the Cooperative in RHOC in 2017. 

At the end of the day, price fluctuations in RHOC are only problems in people’s minds. We know that Mainnet is close. Everyone can see the progress being made. If the price drops, this is good for the community. They can buy low and sell high. The RChain community knows how to pull together to get something done. We need that type of integrity to launch this platform. 

Because as you are aware, the real value is in the technology. The Arctic is on fire along with the Amazon. We are facing a global crisis, unlike anything we have ever witnessed. It is of our making and therefore up to us to address it. Blockchain technology means we have a fighting chance to coordinate at the scale and with the speed necessary to face this. 

But this is only possible if the chain has about three orders of magnitude better scaling than Bitcoin and commensurate security improvements on Ethereum. That’s why we’ve built RChain—we can’t wait for our leaders to address the situation. We must not only speak truth to power, but we also have to face the truth within ourselves and begin to organize. 

I will echo Greta Thunberg by stating that we want you to panic. We want you to feel as if your house is burning down because it is. The house that is burning, however, is not the price of RHOC, but the global climate. That’s the real concern. The more we focus on what we can do about it, the more real technologies and solutions will have value. That’s where we want people to put their time, energy, and money.