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RCast 59: Decarbonization as an Economic Opportunity [Climate & Coordination]

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This week the team discusses several different reports suggesting that decarbonization is a huge economic opportunity rather than a burden. They also talk about Al Gore, Deutsche Bank, ESG Standards, and Volvo’s new pilot program to use blockchain to track the origin of Cobalt in its cars.

Links from the discussion:

According to Business Insider magazine, major banks are saying that “2019 is the year that climate change is at the top of investors’ minds”.

Christina Riley and Al Gore quotes.

Volvo implementing blockchain tech to trace cobalt.

Douglas Rushkoff on reprogramming the next economy.

Barbara Liskov: computer science professor at MIT, and pioneer of the modern approach to writing code.

Barbra Liskov : Ethics in computing: “I think we need to consider ethics in computing and think about what we can do with software to help solve some of the problems we have”… “companies should be thinking about the ramifications of what they are doing and how they can make things better.”