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RCast 69: Investing in the Environment [Climate & Coordination]

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This week the team discusses BitFury’s partnership with the United Nations to plant trees in order to offset its carbon footprint and help reach the (modest) Paris Accord agreement. They also talk about the announcement that the world’s largest money manager, BlackRock, which has $7T in assets, will undertake a new effort to invest in greener technologies and dramatically transform financial markets going forward.

One thought on “RCast 69: Investing in the Environment [Climate & Coordination]
  1. Fantastic work Greg!
    Thank you, I have much to learn but you’ve been like a mentor from afar.
    Fantastic job building this thing, with logic behind every decision: business, co-op and obviously the blockchain-maths.
    Of course this isn’t a one man effort, thanks to everyone in the community for getting us here.
    Big Respect, and here’s to a successful Go Live! Best 😎

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