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RChain Co-op Weekly Debrief #182

Greg explains the new three pronged communications proposal featuring dog-fooding with Dappy & RChat

“Debrief” meetings are held weekly by Greg Meredith, and feature:

  • Weekly Development Update
  • Co-op Week in Review
  • Occasional Software Demos and Guests

Platform Development Update #123 by Rao Bhamidipati:

Time 00:18 (Link to Video)

See Rao’s written update here (link)

  • Current RNode Version is 0.9.24
  • The Dev team is working on a Feature branch that has improvements to Last Finalized State, block store, dag store and storage of Casper state in LMDB.
  • Version 0.9.25 will be released when we complete this feature branch and are able to merge that into the main dev branch. It has substantial improvements and some bug fixes to both observer/read only changes and validator nodes.
  • See (link) for current PR list.

Greg spoke about a three pronged proposal to improve the Co-op’s communications infrastructure:

Time 24:42 (Link to Video)

  1. Decentralize website content via a badging system:
    Dappy ( is a decentralized distribution network that allows anyone to host files and web applications on the RChain blockchain. We will host Co-op “badged” content on our websites so that clicking on a Co-op badge will launch Dappy and display the same content on-chain. Members are encouraged to display “Co-op Badged” content on their own websites, as well as create their own badged content, beginning with “Bio Pages.”
  2. Set up a system for members to register a REV address with the Cooperative. This address could be used for member coordination functions such as voting. Greg suggested funding each member wallet with 100 REV.
  3. Demonstrate blockchain enabled chat by connecting the RCat (RChain Assets Tracker) to the popular Zulip open source Chat platform.

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