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RChain Co-op Weekly Debrief #183 – June 17 2020

Demos from Dan Connolly and Arthur Greer, new segment “Weekly Community in Review”. New models for communicating RChain.

Platform Development Update #124 by Rao Bhamidipati:

Time 01:09 (Link to Video)

See Rao’s written update here (link)

  • Status of production nodes versions same as last week. Dev team is currently testing 0.9.25. It’s available in the docker hub for any community members that want to try it out.
  • Mainnet observers and exchange nodes are running 0.9.24 .  Details at
  • Sprint 55 in progress
  • Main Focus: Work on Last Finalized State, hardening the main net, improve performance, make usability improvements including configuration, API improvements including functionality needed by exchanges.
  • 0.9.25 available in docker hub and currently being tested in the different networks.
  • See (link) for current PR list.

Dan Connolly gives a demo of his Zulip work – posting a message on RChain.

Time 10:47 (Link to Video)

Arthur gives a demo of encrypted auction for supply chain on RChain

Time 17:37 (Link to Video)

Darryl introduces a new segment for future debriefs: “Weekly Community in Review” where he will be providing a recap from all the calls and activity throughout the week.

Time 40:10 (Link to Video)

Greg talks about television models for communication. TV shows, TV specials, Movies. RCast can be a special but still requires previous context – so as features come out, we could do a “special” on the new feature. For example “Last Finalized State” we can do a communication that is self contained about the features. Also maybe some long form that would be akin to a presentation at a conference.

Time 43:19 (Link to Video)

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