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Platform Development Update #125 Rao Bhamidipati:

Time 0:20 (Link to Video)

See Rao’s written update here (link)

Release notes for v0.9.25. (link)

Status of main net VALIDATOR nodes versions remains the same as last week (0.9.23lts).

Node version 0.9.25 is the current release on mainnet observer nodes and testnet.

Sprint 56 in progress

Main Focus: Work towards completing Last Finalized State, identify and address as many slashing issues as possible, hardening the main net, improving performance.
Current PR list:

Theo gives teaser UI update of voting App

Time 19:21 (Link to Video)

Community Week in Review

a recap from all the community calls and activity throughout the week.

Time: 21:49 (Link to Video)

Thursdays at 4:00 PM UTC Governance Committee call

In the Governance Committee call on June 18, the committee convened an Ad hoc Compensation Committee to discuss Board compensation. Rao is to complete a recommendation for the next Board Meeting on Tuesday June 23.

SRT (Steve Ross-Talbot) announced that he will be stepping aside as Chair of the Governance Committee effective July 02. Discussion revolved around Rao taking over the position.

There was some discussion around an issue from Dan Connolly asking the governance committee to take an active role in implementing a voting dapp (decentralized application) to work in Zulip.

Thursdays at 6:00 PM UTC is the DApp Development call

Theo pushed a branch to the github RChain-Community/Zulip for debugging in vscode.

Thursdays at 7:00 PM UTC is the newly formed RChat call

Discussion revolved around the voting dapp.

Fridays at 3:30 UTC is the Climate and Coordination call

We began by discussing methane leaks at abandoned oil wells, tracking emissions from aircraft,  and a recent Jeremy Rifkin speech where he literally describes RChain by connecting 3 emerging trends: 1) the emergence of post vertical scaling business models in the form of new coop structures and 2) the emergence of blockchain based decentralized and polycentric approaches to company ownership and 3) the global need for human coordination due to the shared crisis of climate change.

Saturday at 2:00 PM UTC was an RChat Workshop

Dan Connolly provided guidance on downloading and installing his Zulip demo.

Mondays at 2:00 PM UTC is the Casper Standup call

Greg discussed “typed rewrite systems.” This is a new kind of rewriting system that allows for finer control of the conditions on terms being rewritten, made possible by operational semantics in logical form. “Operational Semantics in Logical Form” is the updated term for what was called LADL. 

Mondays at 5 PM UTC is the Art on the Blockchain call
Eric and the crew discussed REV staking as part of the decision making process and trust metrics.

Tues 2:00 PM UTC RChain education 

The education working group discussed a schema illustrating the use of multiple tuplespaces. This is posted in the #education channel hosted on the Co-op’s Discord guild. They also discussed process improvements that will be available after migrating from Jira to Github.

Tues 5:00 PM UTC Communications Working Group Call 

We discussed updates to the blog and website. There is a completely revamped blog site that is coming soon, we also discussed  a schedule for social media posting. We reviewed James’s Project Management doc, and talked about the new approach to the weekly Newsletter that will be derived from these Community Debrief calls.

Tues 6 PM UTC Dapp Developer Working Group call

The group discussed an anonymous voting dapp that Theo is developing.  Branding, product offerings and target customers for the voting dapp were discussed as well.

Wed 5 PM UTC – Wed morning Members Zoom Hangout 

Dan Connolly has  started on a web ui for voting. Theo’s voting app should be ready to show next week.

Greg’s update

Time 26:57 (Link to Video)

Tues Jun 23 – Special Board Meeting

3 resolutions:

1    Recognizing Rao for his efforts over the last year

2    Approving a spending cap on a proposal for marketing in China 

3    Approving 100 REV to each member that sends to a REV address for coordination and governance by the 31st of July.

Greg was interviewed on Blockchain Blueprint – Wed June 24: (Link to Video)

Christian Williams gave a talk at MIT to a group of MIT mathematicians around Operational Semantics in Logical Form, (the new term for LADL). It was received well and generated interest. 

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