Notice of Annual Meeting 2020

RChain® Cooperative’s 2020 Annual Member Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 24th at 7pm (PST). This year’s online election begins on October 21 and closes at 12AM PST on October 24. Election results will be presented during the annual meeting, which will be held via video conference.

The election will utilize the RChain Platform and requires that all voting members register a REV address with the Co-op no later than October 20th. To incentivize early registration of REV addresses, the Co-op will send 100 REV to members who submit a REV address before July 31, 2020. REV will only be transferred to members who have completed an ID-verification with the Co-op.

Further instructions have been emailed to Co-op members (subject: “2020 Notice of RChain Co-op Annual Meeting”). The REV address that you submit will be used for Co-op coordination and governance.