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DAppy walkthrough July 22

Raphael 10:04
Um, okay, so I’m going to share my screen. Yep. Okay. So I’m going to start by reading a text I have written to kind of get back to when the Dappy project is about. So Dappy is a web browser and protocol that allows new kinds of trustless and controlled web applications.

These new kinds of applications are possible with Dappy not with regular web. Because Dappy does not choose to Domain Name System. These are certificate authorities. Instead of a chain of trusted centralized services that figured out web is based on the protocol is based on the blockchain platform, and relies on a network of agents who are independent one with another. Instead of one endpoint, to read from both to write to the blockchain, Dappy browser uses a network. This network is the interface between the client and the blockchain. It is also a subset of the blockchain network. It’s a given portion of this network might become malicious or offline. This should not should not affect the client’s browsing context.

Basically, we applied the same code authority padding as blockchain, but that he focuses on internet name system replacement, as well as files and web application distribution. So I think the last update was a long time ago. So there is a new section on the website, you might want to check it to get familiar with the core concepts, and one of them is to meet your request.

So now, I will get straight to the point. So the point is the last release of Dappy, which is 0.3.0. You can download it from the website, that’d be It’s available now on the three main operating systems. And so there are lots of technical improvements. The visible improvements are for example, this interface. So I am in the deploy section of the Dappy browser and six web applications are available by default and can be deployed by anyone. One of them is the hexagons that I are already showed. The other is the personal page that I will show today in some other application is the ERC 1155 token manager, which allows us to manage token create tokens attach data to tokens, and all kinds of stuff related to tokens.

So basically, I’m going to the settings network section. So by default that the browser is connected to the DAppy network, which is the DAppy network connected to the RChain main net. So you can see here main net. Since it’s soon for the Dappy project, it’s only a one node network. So it is very much centralized right now. But it should become less and less centralized as nodes gets added to the network. So basically if you have REV which you have created an account and you have REV on this account, you will be able to deploy dapps on the main net. And this is the interface through which you can deploy dapps. So a Dapp is very simple. It’s JavaScript code, CSS code, HTML code, and everything is bundled and uploaded to the blockchain. So if I get back to the glossary you can see the difference between a Dapp that does not use any kind of server connected to the internet. It uses the blockchain but that’s all! No internet server, no DNS system! In comparison, IP applications are no more close or closer to regular websites.

So basically you will be able to deploy any kind of applications. You are also free to modify the JavaScript code. But I will not do it today because it’s there is latency to the main net, we have to wait several minutes. So I have already deployed personal page, so that people will see it just works just like a regular browser if you have that here. So I clicked on this one. Okay, so this is a personal page I have deployed this afternoon and I have updated it with some content. So personal pages work with markdown. So when you deploy it, you are free to update it as many times as you want. Of course, you are the only one who is able to update the content, because you will have to sign when I hit Save text, they will have a deputy browser asks me to sign the transaction. So if I have not the right private key, the transaction will be refused when Rholang executes. So this is markdown. You can link other Dappy applications. So it is a link from Dappy to Dappy. If I get back I can navigate to all chains, IP applications. This is the RChain website under Dappy. If I click on IP, I can see that this is the IP of the The RChain website. Also a new thing is this internet url, now we can share Dappy links from a regular browser. So if I pass this address in my browser, it will open instantly in the Dappy browser. It also works if the browser was closed. You can still navigate…Okay, let’s wait….let’s try again. Nope. Okay, you can still navigate to the link that they have copied and it will open the Dappy browser then it will wait for the connection to occur and when you are connected to the Dappy network, the application launches.

So I have shown the links and new stuff then so it’s not new but there is still this name system which would be very much more stable than previous raises. So, this afternoon I have purchased this appname I have attached my personal page to this name. This is why we should be able to access this Dapp. Okay, so this is The same application, but I access it with the name instead of the raw register UI. And finally, the addition is the possibility to attach badges to a name. So, you have a small marker that explains what what is it about. So, with badges, you are able to give reputation or express any kind of relations between your name and some other names. So, for example, you might have the identity owning the RChain name that can express recommendation regarding my name or Jim’s name, or any kind of stream will be can be attached to any batch. So you can also have streams Like recognizes, as you get associate between RChain and crypto news. And you can also have negative reputations. For example, Microsoft might have a badge that says vices against Microsoft. And so right now, this happens in this section. So if I purchase the REV to name I can give credit for example, to the RChain name to YouTube. And basically so this is recorded to the blockchain, but it does not change anything right now, badges are useless, but when they are implemented, when I access Ruff, for example, you will have a small hint here, telling you that RChain approves my page or any other identity approves my page or does not approve my page. So, um, I don’t, we don’t exactly know what we’re going to do with badges, but it’s great to have them and we’ll see who needs them. And if we can, like change it for special purposes. Okay, so that’s it.