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RChain Community Debrief 197 Sept 23 2020

RChain Community Debrief 197 Sept 23 2020

0:00:26 – Rao’s tech update –…

0:16:41 – Greg points out that we can proceed in parallel between monitoring and proceeding towards block merge. For each shard there is a root logging shard. On chain record of the health of each validator. This doesn’t exist in other networks. We don’t see Ethereum or Cardano describing itself on chain.

0:21:06 – Raphael – DAppy update – 0.3.3 – DAppy is a Trustworthy name system – De-centralized file distribution platform – no-DNS no-CA web browser – you can now tip in DAppy – please donate to Raphael!

0:37:47 – Greg mentions something related to work Theo had begun – Yahoo pipes –!_… – a data flow diagram model – a yahoo pipes type gadget that could take discord, instagram etc user data and weave them together. It could automate what alot of social media management sites like Hootsuite do. There are 12 other alternatives to Yahoo Pipes – webhookit for example… could be quite easy to make this as a DAppy DApp. Could be a weekend’s project.

0:45:34 – Questions – crowdfunding? Greg asks about purchasing names that are described by a pattern. Purchasing roots. Closest thing is Twitch website, except no private service is in control. Distributed by the DAppy network which is a subset of the RChain platform. You can tip any site or web address, because all web addresses are linked to a RChain identity. Micropayments.

0:50:32 – Nutzipper shows the diagram of non-conflicting transactions running in parallel. Looks like a “braid” as a result of the synchrony constraint. Multi-parent structure. Perhaps blockchain isn’t the best descriptor for RChain. Blockbraid? Blockweave?

1:00:00 – Greg’s conclusion – board met Tuesday – adopted recommendations from nominating committee.

1:01:18 – Jim W shows the current state of the voting interface.

1:03:50 – Greg points out that the USPS filed for a patent around a blockchain voting App.

End of call

With all the fun stuff in the Community Debrief today there wasn’t time for the Week in Review. Here it is in text form:

Community Week in Review for THURS 2020-09-17 to WED 2020-09-23

On Thursday in the Governance Committee call, we discussed the issues creation process for rv2020.  Currently, issues are created in the rchain-community/rv2020 github repository.  Once rv2020 is completed and ready for the annual general meeting, rchain-community/rv2020 will be forked to the rchain repository.  These efforts are inline with the larger effort of migrating to github as a document storage location and process management tool.  Also, the RChain Virtual Hackathon is postponed to the weekend of November 7th & 8th.  A rchain/hackathon-2020 repository has been created.

Also on Thursday in the Dapp Developer Working Group call, they added support for changing a vote to “abstain” in rv2020 

On Friday in the Climate and Coordination RCast we had Dr Pedro Baiz from the Blockchain and Climate Institute as a guest and he described more about his think tank and the work theory are doing towards the many use cases for blockchain and the decarbonization revolution.

On Saturday in the RChat call – we set up developer environment for windows and mac for UX improvements

On Mon this week’s Casper Standup spoke to the issues around calculating the collection logic in OSLF. It also looked at a stochastic rho-calculus as a way to evaluate certain aspects of the collection logic.

On Tuesday, in the RChain Education call: Reviewed swagger (openapi) definitions and use, building and testing voting app on mac.

In the Communications Working Group –
Regarding the voting DApp – Nora, Jim, Steve H and Darryl  are working on improving the UI for the layperson. And we spent much of the hour talking about the Hackathon page – working on some content changes – and discussed the need to work on the “branding” – the “theme” of the Hackathon. Ian showed a marketing coordination spreadsheet so people aren’t stepping on each other’s toes.

And also yesterday in the Dapp Developer Working Group  – they
Continued work on abstain support in voting and started the corresponding tally updates.

—–Chinese Community Recap via Shixi——

And here’s Shixi’s report from the Chinese community:

One of our members bought the domain name: We plan to make it into a Chinese data station of RChain, summarizing all rchain-related link information and Chinese articles.
Also the Chinese community is working with a well-known Chinese media to launch a new AMA for RChain, and Greg will participate in the first one tomorrow.

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