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RCAST 107 – Natural Capital, Earth’s digital twin, [Climate and Coordination] Oct 2 2020

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Today we discussed the concept of “natural capital”, Marilyn Waring, and a new generation of advanced climate modelling technology. We also discussed the 2035 ban on gas-run cars in California as well as the wider coordination issues with regard to climate and healthcare.

0:01:50Natural Capital

0:04:26Marilyn Waring

Who’s Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics

Ted talk: Marilyn Waring advocates for a public policy database that recognizes all unpaid work — and the preservation of ecosystems — instead of relying on GDP.

0:11:16Europe building a digital twin of Earth – Destination Earth

0:14:12 – James Hansen – Storms of my Grandchildren

0:17:00Shaping Europe’s digital future: Page 7 mentions blockchain

0:19:21California Governor calls for ban on gas fueled cars by 2035

0:21:50Mariana MazzucatoThe Entrepreneurial State

0:24:20 – Greg – focus on coordination to get off of divisive thinking to more inclusive thinking. Can’t do good coordination without good counting. Start to see solutions everywhere.

0:29:48 – if we start to see these as coordination problems – we see the solutions differently – viewing health care as a coordination problem – blockchain provides mechanism that rethinks how we incentivize things. Represents a different way of looking at problems. Decentralization of health care.