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Voting on RChain!

RChain Voting Demonstration

By Steve Henley

Important dates

  • Deadline to register a REV address to vote is midnight PDT on October 20th
  • Dust will be sent to registered REV addresses on October 20th
  • Voting starts on October 21st
  • AGM is 7PM PDT – Sunday October 24

For help on obtaining a REV address watch Simple guide for generating a REV address to vote at the AGM

How to download, install and setup MetaMask

  • Go MetaMask download
  • Supported browsers are Chrome and FireFox (also Brave)
  • Select Install MetaMask for Chrome
  • Select Add to Chrome
  • Select Add extension
  • Brief message MetaMask extension has been added
  • Select Get Started
  • Select Create a Wallet
  • Read Help Us Improve MetaMask
  • Select No Thanks or I agree ( MetaMask extension will work with either choice)
  • Create new password
  • Confirm password
  • Select Create
  • Select Remind me later
  • Account 1 created
  • Import Account
    • Select circular identity image
    • Select Import Account
  • Enter Private Key
  • Select Import
  • Account 2 is now selected
  • Pin MetaMask
    • Select the grey pin icon in Chrome browser located to the right of current pinned extensions.  (Left of the three vertical dots)
    • Select white pin icon for MetaMask (icon turns blue when selected)
  • A fox will appear in the browser toolbar when MetaMask is successfully pinned.

How to vote with testREV

  • Go to
  • Select Sign In
  • Enter in MetaMask password, if necessary
  • Select Next
    • The account you will use for voting should have a check by it.
  • Select Next
  • Select Connect
  • Verify Connection
    • Your REV address should appear in the box
    • ACCOUNT NOT REGISTERED indicates your REV address is not an officially registered REV with the RChain Cooperative. (This is ok for testing)
  • The ballot will appear on the screen
  • To vote select Oppose, Abstain or Support for each entry.
  • Select Sign and Submit
  • MetaMask will open
    • Your signature is being requested
    • Select Sign
  • Finished

How to register your REV address

How to add testREV to your REV address

Import wallet with secret backup phrase

Select Import Wallet

  • Go MetaMask download
  • (Follow setup instruction above)
  • Import an account with seed phrase
    • Enter your secret twelve word phrase here to restore your vault
    • Example: orchard crack nation caught giant nut peanut faith lens into define learn
    • Select Show seed phrase
    • Create Password, confirm password
    • Check I have read and agree to the Terms of Use
    • Select Import
    • Select All Done
  • Account 1 will appear on your screen
  • This is the account you will use to vote


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