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RChain Community Debrief 201 Oct 21 2020 – Live voting on RChain’s MainNet!

Exiting day for RChain!

Watch a Live demonstration of voting on RChain’s MainNet!

0:00:00 – Intro

0:00:22 – Rao’s tech update

0:11:00 – Greg distributes dust for voting

0:13:08 – Ian votes live on RChain’s MainNet!

0:16:29 – Community Week in Review

0:18:50 – Greg – Interesting day – community self organization – we have the platform, platform enables voting, by the end of the year we’ll be showing all the scaling and last finalized state.

0:21:00 – Next thing we could do is make a governance token – Jim: any community that wants to put voting on RChain can do it! Greg – really seeing – not only a design pattern for collecting will, also for collecting sentiment – like, love, sad, happy on a post in social media. Already have the shape for what we would hope is the social media piece of the puzzle.

0:25:20 – Ian shows that the vote is registered.

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