0:00:00 – Intro

0:01:48 – Greg – Amazing Year – Launched MainNet, demonstrated scaling, revdefine, Dappy, RVote 2020, last finalized state is in beta – coming soon – will be a first for blockchains of its kind, the code for block merge is well under way, as a result we can demonstrate vertical and horizontal scaling. Hats off to the Dev team!

0:04:04 – Jackie presents the financials.

0:13:12 – Election results

0:15:22 – Liquid Democracy – Dan Connolly and Jim Whitescarver

0:37:20 – Greg – The SPV’s proposed “RAdvertising” model – RChain is at a point where the web was at when there was a jump in functionality and people could easily build applications. If you throw more hardware at RChain, it scales up. We need to provide the kinds of services that made the www possible. And the vast majority of really successful web based services – the users don’t pay a dime. All the activities are sponsored. The sponsorship API doesn’t have to be attached to a single Dapp. Any Dapp on RChain would be able to be sponsored. The goal of the SPV is to provide the care and feeding that the Dapp may require. Next level – is a sponsorship kind of API’s and the API’s that can do analytics. Users and communities do not have to share information that they don’t want to expose and can participate in the economic engine that has created the wealthiest companies in the world. Anyone can be a sponsor. Last Finalized State – Block Merge – Sharding. RChain’s architecture provides multiple levels of concurrency.

0:58:22 – Rao – Hackathon update

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