Climate & Communication Climate Change RCast RCAST - [Climate and Coordination]

RCAST 112 Sea Ice / Collective Intelligence [Climate and Coordination] Nov 6 2020

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0:00:00 – INTRO

0:01:12 – Doing nothing towards mitigating climate change will cost economy tens of trillions…

0:11:42 – First ice free summer by 2035 – new record for latest delay in ice formation the sea has ever experienced. 13% decrease in sea ice since the 1980’s… ice-fails-refreeze-late-october-setting-new-record-180976132/….

0:17:24 – Steve Ross Talbot – unless you rid yourself of the notion of statehood, and act as one, we don’t stand a chance. At the 11th hour humanity has the tech to have that safe communication and collaboration – act locally but truly think globally.

0:18:49 – Darryl –… Facebook curtails misleading posts, live video as misinformation spreads.… Is having centralized top down decision making from a corporation in regards to what people should see and what they shouldn’t the best way to move forward in humanity’s social experiment of surveillance capitalism?

0:23:04 – How the social networks are dealing with disputed truth in an election. In a panicked way the major social networks are flailing around trying to figure out how to solve this problem. It’s a HUGE problem that is affecting democracy and leading to civil unrest.

0:24:30 – Sam Phillips – person who signed Elvis Presley said that the problem with pop music today is that there is no “NEED” in it. We at RChain now have a NEED to create a social network that is based on collective intelligence.

0:26:40 – Is blockchain “Trustless” or “Trustfull”?

0:28:00 – Lawrence Lessig – 4 ways human behaviour is controlled in a system. Law, Norms, Market and Architecture. Architecture is about the study of the flow of people.

0:29:00 – Humanity is about to experience a renaissance. Daniel Schmachtenberger calls it “Humanity’s Phase Shift”… We are currently like moles – where we don’t have eyes yet – just fleshy bumps that are evolving to become eyes one day.

0:29:19 – We are about to awaken as a species to become collectively self aware. Jeremy Rifkin – expansion of empathic circles.

0:31:13 – Steve Ross Talbot – The Day the Earth Stood Still – “It is only at the 11th hour that humanity has historically turned the corner.”

0:33:30 – Greg – The Immortality Key… He is tugging at a very real law – what you area asking for is a movement of teh exoteric to the inside the esoteric. Whenever that happens – the story of Christ for example – whenever someone tries to make that shift, a price has to be paid.

0:37:00 – a range of sacraments – can use science to do this – to accelerate this – whatever is done, there is a law that is going to extract a price.

0:39:30 – Steve Ross Talbot – GAIA

0:42:00 – we have to sacrifice our separateness = the division is part of a whole. We aren’t separate and we can’t maintain that illusion anymore.

0:43:24 – it’s the why – why would somebody be compelled to coordinate through RChain? People will come because there is a degree of trust in that we have similar objectives. It’s not about nationhood, it’s about planethood – to do that – you need a coordination platform that has trust

0:45:00 – RChain leads us to better search and exchange data and coordinate that data more efficiently. What would that look like?

0:46:13 – SRT – the challenge in the incumbents that people aren’t happy with – provide a way to export out of Facebook – do that and then disappear on Facebook. Thereafter anything they do has provenance. Provide a way to suck in my existing “id” from the web.

0:48:38 – Nora – social media evolves w generations. One thing that unites everybody could be that they don’t want to be on an abusive mining social engineering type platform.