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RCAST 117 [Climate and Coordination] Dec 11 2020 – CC hurts health, climate id, Wozniak’s Efforce

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Today we discussed the ways in which the climate crisis impacts human health, New Zealand’s declaration of a climate emergency, Steve Ross Talbot demonstrated an “Eco-passport” and Steve Wozniak’s Efforce and the birth of the decarbonization economic boom.

0:00:00 – Intro

0:01:07 – Nora – ABC news: “From wildfires to disease, here are the top 5 ways climate change is already hurting your health”….…

0:08:01 – Steve Ross Talbot – From Self Sovereign Covid-19 passport to Eco passport – tokenized crowdsourcing of climate data

0:13:43 – Greg – Covid passport allows for people to participate in data collection in a voluntary way and in a way that they are even potentially financially incentivized. That kind of idea can extend to all kinds of certifications and attestations. This can be boosted by gamification in such a way where you don’t have to trust an organization to give you your fair share.

0:18:55 – Nora – New Zealand, under Jacinda Ardern, declares Climate Emergency…

0:28:49 – Darryl – comments on national climate emergencies

0:30:10 – Darryl – Connecting RChain’s “heart” with RChain’s “pocketbook”. Why we decided to build a layer one blockchain platform.

0:33:07 – Darryl – Thomas Stocker – decarbonization is the economic driver of the fourth industrial revolution, and is about to be the driver of speculative investment mega hype.

0:35:21 – Darryl – this week Steve Wozniak’s Efforce launches and jumps 1400%…

0:37:46 – Nora – “tailwinds”

0:42:29 – Darryl and Steve Ross Talbot – the concept of the “sharing” economy. The idea was almost instantly coopted by silos who aren’t into sharing at all – led to a race to the bottom. This is a first step towards a revolution in decentralized autonomous applications that provide the path of least resistance between seller and purchaser. This will lead to Capitalism 2.0 and is connected to the 4th industrial revolution renaissance.

0:48:55 – Greg – original whitepaper was called e pluribus unum 2.0…