Community Debriefs Weekly Debrief

209 Dec 16 Community Debrief – Dappy update, Covid-19 Passport update

0:00:00 – Rao’s tech update…

0:13:30 – Raphael gives a demo of what he has been working on in the RChain world and the Dappy world. Dappy uses RChain as the back end for the name system. See this article:…

0:23:57 – Community Week in Review

0:26:40 – Raphael gives demo of the Covid Passport work he has been working on with Theo.

0:32:35 – Greg speaks more – triple signing mechanism –

0:45:10 – RChain is uniquely qualified. Storage solutions like IPFS don’t have a search mechanism. RChain has a query language built in. And that query language is directly connected to the transactional nature. Transactional bit and Search bit don’t exist in IPFS.

0:50:02 – Steve H – Question – with Last Finalized State, can the data eventually be ejected? Ans: State is not tied to blocks.

0:52:11 – Ethereum’s model won’t work

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