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210 Dec 23 Community Debrief – Significance of Last Finalized State, Intel : M1 :: EVM : Rho, Covid-19 Passport update

0:00:00 – Rao’s Tech Update 150 https://rchain.atlassian.net/wiki/spa…

0:12:59 – Greg on the significance of Last Finalized State – the grand accomplishment of what has been done.

0:22:30 – Greg compares Intel vs Apple’s M1 to EVM vs Rho

0:29:00 – “If you look at the instruction set for the JVM or EVM, and you compared that to the instructions for our execution environment – the rho based design – you’ll notice a very similar pattern. We are a far reduced instructions set with the instructions mapping onto the computational requirements of today’s market, which means Lots and lots of communication, and lots and lots of concurrency – which is the internet. Execution model designs that don’t line up with that are having to build extra machinery to support those things that are going on, whereas the communication and the concurrency are built into our model. Our transactional semantics lines up exactly with communications.” Intel : M1 :: EVM : Rho The writing is on the wall – once we have block merge going, people should be able to see the kind of trend that will only continue as we follow our road map.

0:32:20 – Transactional semantics based on communication – what does a transaction mean? Databases – write to and reading from – atomic, consistent, isolated and durable.

0:39:08 – with rho calculus – the communication and the transaction are one and the same – the computational model and the math that goes with it, this makes it much more lean.

0:41:57 The EVM and JVM don’t have instructions for storing to the database and communication. All of that has to be built – JVM – there is no instruction that lines up with that – all of that has be built on top of the instructions that are there.

0:44:42 – reduced instruction set – that path has been the better path to pursue for scaling – that’s what we are doing. instruction set that line up exactly to the internet.

0:45:17 – Community Week in Review

0:48:23 – board meeting –

0:49:15 – Steve Ross Talbot update on Covid-19 passport project.