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RCast 120 – [Climate & Coordination] Jan 15 2021 – John Grant – Lifelong Learning

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Today RChain member John Grant joined us, and we discussed financial risk in the agriculture market due to climate change as well as a new irrigation data app called “OpenET.” We also discussed governance and modern social media. “Why Hacktivism Will Lead to Digital Sovereignty”

0:00 – Intro

0:01:29 – John Grant introduction – founded a data business in 2004 track the labor job market. Given an insight on how rapid the changes are in digital. Life Long Learning needs to become the norm. Not just in IT or tech but across all industries – AI is coming down the line much faster than people realize. “Topic Hacking”. Current models are “Attention Merchants” protected by section 230.

0:05:02 – Environmental Defense Fund blog – Federal Reserve warns of financial risks from climate change. Agricultural banks must act. fast.…

0:11:02 – Keeping food on the table when water is scarce is a balancing act. This new app will help.… Evapotransporation – the opposite of rainfall.

0:13:51 – SRT response – water and blockchain – 0:16:00 – John Grant – Wardley Map –… “Why Hacktivism Will Lead to Digital Sovereignty” – a value chain on the y axis – anchors – hackers and users. The x represents evolution.

0:17:53 – Attention Merchants, protected by Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996:… and they are using Adtech built on centralized closed platforms – they encourage – slactivism – polarization – dopamine addiction – groupthink – monopoly.

0:18:55 – look at the left hand side – decentralized platforms – RChain etc – are the engalers of Lifelong Learning – learning in the open – bringing in the notion of Hacker Culture.

0:20:08 – There is an urgency – Lifelong Learning needs to become the norm, not the exception. Where is the motivation? More energy needs to be applied by hackers.

0:21:27 – More energy needs to be applied by hackers to build platforms that will sustain them , rather than the lean back users of today of the current users of social media platforms. so that they become stakeholders in the systems that they build.

0:22:07 – Where are we at the moment? Governing in private vs governing in public.……… When you start to link these together you see what’s on the map is labelled a “Virtual Technology Stack” – AI, automation, hyper-connectivity – what will be sold as governing in public – technocracy.

0:32:02 – in order to deal with governing in public, there has to be systems in place that can message in real time. Climate change is another thing that will part of this recovery.

0:33:25 – the anchor is “agent”. The collaboration platform is key here.

0:35:46 – Where RChain fits in. How people will benefit? HG Wells: The Time Machine – Given Amazon’s actions re: Parlor and AWS, will AWS evolve to become the Morlocks or the Eloi?

0:37:21 – Greg response – caution to put too much faith in Hacker culture. Trump’s hacks did alot of damage.

0:40:43 – Steve Ross Talbot – digital democracy. Decentralization of governing in public. RChat, RVote, The big challenge – how the hell do you launch it?

0:44:54 – Greg – Something like this is happening in a shadow form – conspirituality – the conspiracy theories merge with very lazy spiritual narratives. We Do need a development of a layer of technologies which I call the “spiritual technologies” over and above the bites and bits. What you want from your representative is “conscience”. Not necessarily go out, but to go inward. Can you consult your own conscience, and is there a real relationship, a viable relationship between your experience of conscience, and everyone else’s experience of conscience and most importantly to the experience of the collective. The wisdom of the collective which is: is there a relationship between your own experience of conscience and the collective wisdom? And the development of that comes from millennia of technologies that have real objective approaches to the development of that experience so that it can be relied upon. Until that is developed every time we build bits and bytes towards unity it will always fall prey to the “tower of babel” narrative. The intent of the WWW was to bring us together, but what has happened, without these technologies or conscience, it has become a web of lies. My argument is that we are going to have to bring in these other technologies.

0:48:54 – Life Long Learning – Learning in the open. Deradicalization. Culture.

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