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215 Jan 27 Community Debrief

0:00:00 – Rao’s tech update…

0:06:29 – Greg – getting the word out about RChain – planning a video series – Twitter thread –… Questions to ask yourself when interested in investing in blockchain platforms.

Twitter thread:


@leithaus hello Greg several new proof of stake blockchain projects have been released or will be released. Could we have a comparison of @rchain_coop with them.

Replying to @NinjaWhite30 @leithaus @rchain_coop and 4 others We’re working on a video. Here’s three questions you want to ask yourself. 1) What happens to this chain as you add hardware (both to nodes and adding nodes). If the answer isn’t it gets faster, you have a pretty good idea as to whether it scales. 2) What happens · Jan 24 to this chain as you add smart contracts? If the answer doesn’t include a) concurrent execution, b) mechanism for searching and managing smart contracts as if they were data assets, then you have a pretty good idea that this chain doesn’t scale. 3) What happens · Jan 24 to this chain as user written smart contracts introduce bugs? If the answer doesn’t include type checking that prevents security and concurrency errors, you can pretty much conclude this chain will not support a large developer base. Tip

leithaus @leithaus · Jan 24 We’re not interested in naming names in comparing chains. We’re interested in solving real problems that developers and the market have been experiencing since before the development of the World Wide Web.

@rchain_coop and 4 others As for the “Internet of Chains” solutions, they all need a coordination model more than anything. You need to be able to express things like try to book my ticket on these chains, and my hotel on these other chains, and my rental car on these other chains and if any two of these fails cancel the whole transaction. This is what rholang excels at. That’s why our sharding model includes other chains as shards, so we can use rholang as a coordination language across multiple chains.

Tip leithaus @leithaus · Jan 24 P.S. trying to do that with state machines is exactly why the process calculi were invented. State machines blow up exponentially. Process calculi introduce the parallel composition operator to manage this very issue. This has been well known since the late ‘80s. Anyone Tip leithaus @leithaus · Jan 24 peddling solutions that aren’t taking into account the last 40 years of research and development in CS and distributed transaction processing should stop and think about what they’re doing.

0:12:04 – Greg – shaping the dialog to be more beneficial. Hypothesis – people are more likely to self organize with RChain.

0:23:11 – Community Week in Review https://long-oval-white-jester.fissio……

0:25:33 – Greg and Raphael –

0:28:06 – DAppy update