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RCast 121 – [Climate & Coordination] Jan 22 2021 Keystone XL, Paris Climate Accords, Elon Musk’s $100M prize, BlackRock and Bitcoin. RChain and the scalability trilemma. The coop has now joined the Climate Chain Coalition!

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0:00:00 – Intro

0:01:16 – Nora – The New Yorker – Jan 20 – Bill McKibbon – Keystone XL…

0:07:22 – Darryl’s Canadian perspective

0:11:33 – Forbes article – Republicans Claim Rejoining Paris Climate Accords Will Cost American Jobs, But Here’s What’s Really Happening-…

0:14:37 – Nora – Bloomberg article –…

0:17:45 – Elon Musk 100 million dollar prize towards carbon capture.…

0:21:25 – Darryl – drawing a connection –… – The idea that climate change decarbonization businesses are going to increase in number and wealth because it is the driver of the next industrial revolution, and because blockchain projects are going to start to see more traditional investment dollars being put into them, you are going to start to see more projects like these:… . We just joined the Climate Chain Coalition.

0:25:42 – Greg – still have to change the way we coordinate.

0:26:40 – Steve Ross Talbot – when I was doing digital democracy w the Labour Party about 5 years ago – we kicked off 3 debates – questions I had tabled – 1) UBI: Universal Basic Income 2) tax on automation 3) complete cap on inheritance. Rather than just hoarding cash and it being a proxy for power, they then have to spend that cash.

0:29:47 – Greg – in some cultures, the word for money means “flow” – cultivating good flows.

0:31:39 – Darryl – question re: RChain’s technology from Reddit – “Where is RChain on the scalability trilemma and why?” “What’s the tradeoff in RChain’s Mercury release, and how would this be further improved in Venus?”

0:32:37 – Greg response

0:34:38 – Darryl – the idea that scalability affects security affects decentralization.

0:36:30 – Steve Ross Talbot – look at how the universe works – lumping together

0:37:57 – when it gets too centralized, it gets knocked down. Too big to succeed.

0:38:43 – Darryl – Milton Friedman – PBS series Free to Choose –… claimed that you shouldn’t be concerned about monopolies, it’s just the mouth of the deity behind the invisible hand burping.

0:40:13 – Ian – how RChain navigates that trilemma vs the other systems? Greg – randomization of the nodes increases security, yet affects performance.

0:42:25 – Steve Ross Talbot – Centralization has gotten us a long way, but we need to evolve. Centralization can’t fix this –

0:42:53 – need a solution that allows adaptability – cells are centralized if you look at inside the cell walls, but zoom your camera out – any one of those cells are part of an organ – a heart – then zoom out and look at it from the viewpoint of a population – climbing the hierarchy – centralized / decentralized / centralized / decentralized. Rholang and Rho calculus is inspired and modelled after nature and biology from the outset.