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Rholang one-click solution for scalability

By Lansea

The Actor model has not become a popular solution in industry. It is difficult to maintain message flow, such as simple and direct sequential calls.

Currently, practical and scalable systems all use message queues. The Actor model is not necessarily used, but the idea of splitting and combining message calls is used, without exception. It is impossible for the whole system to be scalable completely using the mode of Turing state machine, which is to kill directly. In my opinion, this principle is no exception in the industry. However, at present, ordinary programmers are used to the thinking of Turing state machines. System designers will definitely use the message splitting and combination mode on the system framework, this local sequential state transition program is encapsulated into detachable and combinable, thus achieving scalability.Rholang solves this problem from the language level in one step.

Most of them have no doubt, indicating that the industry has leaped to another level. I am not sure whether the final winner will be Rholang, but what is certain is that the problem must be solved in one step at the language level in the end, and finally everyone will come together. At present, rholang runs at the front.